More cats!

It’s been a busy weekend here and I have to say that I’m so glad that there’s a bank holiday weekend approaching, a three day week for me this week and as I have taken a days holiday next Tuesday that will be another three day week!  I can’t wait to put my feet up and have a rest.  Hopefully on the Tuesday after Easter I will be driving up to meet my sister Sheila and we will be paying a visit to Polstitches shop.  I really don’t need to buy any more stash, but that never seems to stop me 🙂   I do need to buy a couple of threads for a LHN design I want to kit up, and I may pick up some fabric, but if I see something I fancy I will pick it up.

I have a couple of pictures for you, first of all Growth Rings.  I got quite a lot done on this last weekend but didn’t get around to putting up a picture.


The only other stitching I managed to get done was my regular Thursday night SAL with Claire and Jenny – Lettres a mon chat.  This is coming along so quickly now, I think it will only take a few more weeks and I will be almost sorry to see it finished as I’ve really enjoyed stitching it, BUT I do have another Isabelle Vautier chart in the queue so as soon as Lettres is finished I will make a start on the next one. 2nd-april-2009

The rest of my spare time has been taken up sorting and organising my stash.  At last I I have finished!  It took me far longer than I thought, mainly because I kept finding things long forgotten, including a few designs which I really do want to stitch, and also some very old WIP’s which I really should buckle down and get finished.  I haven’t taken any pictures as yet, but will try and get some good ones over the weekend.

Today I’ve hardly stopped until now, was up early, showered and dressed and out of the door by 9am, to the doctors, then to the supermarket, then home to do a few loads of laundry, ironing and other mundane things, but I also baked a chocolate cake for Phill (his favourite) and a batch of apricot and chocolate chip cookies to take into work tomorrow as a treat for the ladies I work with. 

Whew, after that lot I think I need to make a cuppa, and test one of the cookies 😉

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5 thoughts on “More cats!

  1. Growth rings looks gorgeous – I can see why you wanted to make a start on that! And well done on “Lettres” – looks like you’re ahead of me this week ^^

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