Hurray, it’s Thursday!!

It’s Thursday at long last!  No work tomorrow as it’s Good Friday, no work Monday as it’s Easter Monday and I’ve taken an extra day off on Tuesday so all in all I have no work for five whole days!!  I’m really looking forward to this break.  I plan on getting some spring cleaning and decluttering done, catching up on all the TV I’ve recorded but haven’t watched and watching some of the DVD’s we’ve not got around to watching.  Of course there will be a lot of stitching involved too 🙂

Unfortunately the planned road trip to Polstitches has been delayed a little while because my sister Sheila has to work on Tuesday, but we are hoping to make it there the following week.

My stitching this week so far has been limited to Growth Rings and Cirque des Carreaux.




For Helen, Growth Rings is an Ink Circles design which was published in Just Cross Stitch magazine.  You can find more information here.  Just scroll down the page a little.

I was reading through some blogs the other day when I came across the Totally Useless Stitch A Long.   I thought this sounded like a fun idea so I thought I’d join in.  Here’s my first pic


Before I bought the vase I was collecting my cut offs in a Maltesers tub LOL, so this pic shows my cut offs since January this year.  A lot of reds in there 🙂

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