What a Hoot finished!

I took advantage of a day off work today by finishing What a Hoot.  I had finished the stitching about a month ago, but basically got cold feet about finishing him off.  Today I got up early, thanks to our very kind neighbours who are doing some home improvements which have been ongoing for about three years because he only ever seems to do any work there between the hours of 7am and 9am on bank holidays 🙂  I took my time, all in all it took about three hours, and managed to do quite a good job (even if I do say so myself).  There are a few things I would do differently if I were to make another, like making the ribbon hinges a little shorter, but the instructions were good and easy to follow.  


I really enjoyed the challenge of putting this together and as soon as there’s a slot in my rotation I’m going to add Peacock Chair from Cat’s Whiskers, which looks far more complicated than Ozzie but it looks so beautiful I can’t wait to try!

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14 thoughts on “What a Hoot finished!

  1. Oh Sandra that is just such a darling stitch and I think it will have to go on my wish list – well with a name like Ozzie what else can I do lol.

  2. What a cute little owl, there is something about them that I love but have not as of yet stitched one.

    I have finished stitching my Peacock stitching chair but have yet to assemble it.

  3. Well done he looks really good. Just one thing though….the city is no place for an owl, he would be much happier living in the country ;

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