Long overdue update

I’ve been very slack in updating my blog over the last week, partly because I’ve been busy at work but partly because the weather has been very nice in this part of the world and there’s been lots to do in the garden and around the house.  The biggest disadvantage of having a partner who enjoys DIY is the fact that bank holidays always seem to turn into major projects which he’s been planning for a while LOL.  Also I recently started reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer after hearing so many people say how good the series of books were.  I finished the first book in a bout a week, the second in a few days, the third over one afternoon/evening and the fourth involved a very very late night.  I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book and just HAD to finish it with no interruptions and thanks to Phill for busying himself building a workshop for himself in the garage I was able to sit down and read to my hearts content.  

I have done a little stitching though, on Cirque des Triangles and Cirque des Carreaux and here’s my (bad) progress pics on both.


I have also got a lot done on Lettres at Mon Chat.  I forgot to post an update pic last week (oops!).  I am so close to finishing this that I may carry on stitching it this evening to finish it off. I only have the rest of the cat and a paw print to finish it off.


You can see Claire and Jenny’s progress on their blogs, here and here.   Both are close to finishing too.  As you can see my cats now have whiskers 🙂


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