Grand Marquior – Part 2

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment to my last post, I really do appreciate them all.  I joined a Yahoo Group this week called Stitcher’s Heaven which I had read about in Maggie’s blog.  Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming and there are some amazing stitchers there, I spent ages going through the photo albums on the group and found quite a few new designs to add to my wish list!

I have finished part 2 of Grand Marquoir, a little behind schedule really as part 3 has already been released.  I’m going to try my best to keep on track with part 3 and have it finished in good time for part 4.


That’s about all I have to show this week stitching wise, as I’ve been working solely on Grand Marquoir but next week I’m getting back into my rotation so I should have a lot more pics for you.

Following our Lettres a mon Chat stitch along Claire and I are starting another SAL some time in May.  Pop along to Claire’s blog and see her Lettres which looks great, she has stitched hers using greens.  Our new SAL will be “Is That All?”  I’ve had the kit hidden at the back of a cupboard for a few weeks now, to stop me starting it LOL.

Is that all?

I’m taking part in the Totally Useless Stitchalong and today is the day for everyone taking part to post their pics. 



Lots and lots of reds in mine, thanks to Lettres and Grand Marquoir, I think it definitely needs a bit of variation in there!

It’s a beautifully sunny day here, so we’re going to spend a bit of time in the garden today, plus we’re having our new waterbed delivered tomorrow so we have to dismantle our current bed and give the room a spring clean. I dread to think how much dust is going to be under there!  I went shopping with my mum yesterday and bought some new bedding and curtains for the bedroom so we’ll put them up this afternoon.  I’ve already washed the new bed linen and it’s on the line drying nicely.  Ironically I slept most of last night on the sofa because Phill was just snoring so loudly.  I didn’t want to be appearing in Court this morning for murder, so thought it was safer to sleep on the sofa.  However, I now have a horrible pain in my neck where I slept awkwardly.    I’m thinking of getting some of those strips that you put over the bridge of your nose to see if they help at all, but any other suggestions would be appreciated!  I think I will pick up some earplugs as well LOL

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11 thoughts on “Grand Marquior – Part 2

  1. Sandra i love Grand Marquoir, i am saving the parts to do later, your colour suits the design very well.

    Funnily enough i have the same problem as you with a snoring husband, lol isn’t it funny that they are the ones causing us sleepless nights yet it’s us who have to sleep in the spare bed or sofa !
    Seriously though i know it’s not funny, i have tried everything including the strips that go over the nose, don’t waste you money, they don’t work!
    The best thing to do is wear ear plugs, the soft sqishy ones are best. I don’t hear a thing with those in.

  2. Brilliant work on your GM Sandra! well done.
    I need to rummage in my drawers to find where I put my Cats Rule kit (somewhere “safe” I know, but where, I can’t remember!) – what say you, we make a start beginning of May? I’m going to keep Thursday for this SAL so Thurday 7th May should be good for me to make a start.
    And I’m another one with a snorring partner – I just give him a nudge in the ribs until he rolls over onto his side, because he only snors when flat on his back LOL.

  3. GM is brilliant. As for the snoring, my DH sounds like a freight train trying to be louder than a wounded buffalo. Sometimes I’m nice and rub his back, other times I poke him and growl “wake up your’re snoring!” Neither solution is foolproof. What works best is if I get to sleep before he comes to bed.

  4. You’re doing so well on Grand Marquoir. I’m not even close to your progress. You piece makes me want to get really busy.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lovely progress Sandra.

    LOL I suggested those strips to my hubby but he said he didnt see how my wearing something on my nose would stop me hearing him snore.

  6. just tackling the butterfly square and wondering WHY didn’t IV make design on wings symmetric? I see you’ve “corrected” it, and I’m doing the same, although I’m keeping symmetry with right wing, not left.
    Funny that !

    • I meant to post something about that in my blog Claire, maybe it was a printing error? I prefer it symetrical. There’s a similar thing going on square 1 of part 3, the bee square, I only noticed it when I posted a pic on my blog, there’s a couple of places where there’s a stitch too many, or one too few, depending on your point of view.

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