The new love of my life


My new waterbed!  It was delivered on Monday and just seems to become more comfortable every night.  Phill’s been wearing the nose strips which have helped, and he’s also stopped having a nightcap of Southern Comfort, which has helped even more!  I’m almost ashamed to admit that this morning I woke up at 10.22am, which has to be the latest I’ve slept in for about ten years 😉    I was surprised how many of you ladies also suffer with husbands/partners who snore, it’s a much more common problem than I thought.    Phill handmade all the wardrobes and units in our bedroom himself, you can see pics here of it being made.

I have done some stitching this week, but also had a visit from the frogs and had to pull out quite a lot of Cirque des Carreaux because of one tiny miscount, but it would have looked odd if I had left it there because the design is so symetrical.    Yesterday I made quite good progress on Cirque des Triangles


And today I stitched one block of part 3 of Grand Marquoir.


I’ve also been very naughty and started a new design this week, which is Moonlight Garden by The Drawn Thread.   I bought the chart, threads and recommended fabric a while ago, and even sneakily put a few stitches in, but the fabric, Wichelet linen, which looked quite blue on the cover picture, turned out to be very green and the fabric itself was very stiff and quite unpleasant to stitch on.    I was very disappointed as I really really like the design.  But then I saw a picture of a WIP stitched on a Belfast Linen called Misty Blue, where the threads had been coverted to Hand Dyed Fibers silks.  It looked amazing!  So I bought a piece Misty Blue, used Vikki’s conversion to Hand Dyed Fibers and am really pleased with the way it looks so far.  There are lots and lots of speciality stitches in this one so it’s going to be quite a challenge.


For the rest of today I think I’ll carry on with Cirque des Carreaux and replace the stitches that I pulled out earlier this week.  I’m also getting ready to start a my new SAL with Claire this week, as she has finished her backstitching on Who’s Watching Whom, which looks absolutely stunning – you can see it here.

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5 thoughts on “The new love of my life

  1. if Phill ever runs out of things to do in your house, just send him here LOL.
    Beautiful new bedroom and glad to hear that you’re sleeping soundly in your new waterbed.
    Well done on your Cirque de Carreaux, GM and Moonlight Garden progress. Am interested to see how the latter progresses as I don’t know that design at all.

    I’m raring to go with our Cats Rule SAL – just discovered my kit contains evenweave and not sure whether to replace it with aida or not. I LIKE evenweave but it involves me using a hoop to stitch with and I don’t like hoops . . . so will think about that over the next few days.

  2. If you slept in past 10 am – I’d have been there until late afternoon. All hotels in your area are fully booked next weekend so can I stay with you – I promise not to snore 🙂

  3. I think i would be sea sick in a water bed 🙂 although it does look a nice bedroom to relax in, well done Dh on the wardrobes.

    Lots of nice progress, shame the froggy came hopping by for you.

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