Moonlight Garden

Yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, I spent most of the day stitching.  I may have go up once or twice to make a cup of tea, or to make us some food, but the rest of the time was spent on the sofa, catching up on all the TV we’ve recorded and watching some DVD’s we hadn’t seen.  All in all, a great day!

I made massive progresse on my new WIP, Moonlight Garden.  


And also spent some time re-stitching the part of Cirque des Carreaux that I’d had to frog last week.


Tonight I’m firmly back on track with my rotation, and will work on Growth Rings.

I had some lovely mail last week, an order I’d placed with Vikki Clayton of Hand Dyed Fibers.  I ordered some linen, a d-bag (which is basically skeins of mis-dyed, mis-labelled thread), and also a set of sample tags, which is an 18 inch piece of every solid colour in the Hand Dyed Fibers silks range.  HDF are beautiful threads, so lovely to work with and the conversions from DMC are very very good.  They are also very reasonably priced.  


Sample Tags

Sample Tags






The last picture also shows some spools of thread which I bought from someone on the HDF forum, some beautiful colours.  The dbags are a complete surprise, you never know what colours you are going to get, but I am very pleased with the ones I have received so far, some very useful colours in there.


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