Is That All?

Thursday evening was the start of a new SAL with Claire.  We are stitching a Cats Rule design called Is That All.  I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked as after work on Thursday I went shopping for a new top to wear to my mother’s 70th birthday party on Friday night.  I don’t know why I always leave things until the last minute!  After traipsing around a few shops  did manage to get a couple of things but this meant that I didn’t get home until about 7.30pm.  By the time I had a bite to eat, I didn’t get to sit down with my stitching until about 8.15.  Here’s my progress so far

7th May 2009

Claire did so much better than me, you can see her progress here  


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3 thoughts on “Is That All?

  1. you’re forgetting that you work all day and I don’t ^^
    so I was able to fit in a couple of hours in the afternoon AND evening!
    AND you’re way ahead of me on the Grand Marquoir AND you’ve got all your other WIPs to stitch on . . . so I’d say a big WELL DONE on the first rows of IS THAT ALL?

  2. It’s a great start on your new project. It would take me quite a while to stitch up the rows you did as I also work the whole day and sometimes there’s only one or two hours left in the evening for stitching (because unfortunately I easily fall asleep on my sofa with my stitching in my hands, lol).

  3. Great new start!

    I find I’m often not sitting down to my stitching until afer 8pm all these extra activities sure cut into my stitching time!

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