Back from the framers.

My two latest finishes, back from the framers.

New World – Papillon Creations

New World - Framed 9th May

Lettres a mon Chat – Isabelle Vautier

Lettres a Mon Chat - Framed 9th May

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10 thoughts on “Back from the framers.

  1. They both look fantastic Sandra. I am stitching on CdesT today for the first time in ages – need to make some progress. PC is fixe3d so I will post a pic when I have something to show. I finished Chocolate Shoppe too.

  2. WOW indeed ! they both look beautiful, and I love the mount on Lettres – really sets it off well. My latest finishes, including Lettres, are still sitting in a drawer unframed :o(

  3. these two are beautiful, the framer has done a fab job too. i love the lettres mon a chat, i simply must do that one sometime.

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