Road trip.

It’s been a very busy weekend!!  On Friday it was my mother’s 70th birthday, and my dad organised a suprise birthday party for her.  It started out as quite a simple plan, just a little white lie about taking her out for a meal and them picking my aunt and uncle up on the way, this giving him the excuse to drive in the direction of the party venue.  However, as time went on the plan got more and more elaborate, because things kept happening to scupper the plan.  The party had been at the planning stage for about a month and the plan was getting more and more complicated as time went on, my dad was phoning me every time he  thought of a new variance to the plan, even resorting to hiding in his garage to make phone calls and at one point he pretended to go to the loo and took his mobile with him!!  By the day of the party he was so on edge I’m sure my mum must have had an inkling something was up, they’ve been married over fifty years and on their 50th anniversay he had arranged a similar suprise party (with the same elaborate planning) so I was sure that she would guess LOL.  But everything went well, every body turned up on time (apart from the fact that my dad left the house earlier than he should have so they arrived a couple of minutes before Sheila and her partner) and everybody had a good time.

On Saturday Sheila, her partner, Phill and I took mum and dad to the best Cantonese restaurant in Swansea, which was a suprise for them both.  The food was absolutely fabulous and I think they really enjoyed themselves.

On Sunday another surprise for my mum – my dad was taking her to see my other sister and her family who live in Worcester.

Today I am making a road trip to Newcastle Emlyn to meet Sheila.  She lives about an hour and a half drive away fr0m there in the opposite direction to me.  I live about an hours drive from there and we are going to Polstitches, home of Dragon Floss and lovely hand dyed fabrics.  Even though I have a stash bigger than a lot of shops 😉 I’m sure I will find something to buy, but just being able to visit a shop that sells stitching stash is worth the trip.

So I am very behind on my blog reading, but will try and catch up later on. I have done hardly any stitching at all this weekend, but will definitely make up for that in the coming week 😉

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about my framed pieces, I am particuarly pleased with Lettres –  Phill picked out the frame and mount, he has a really good eye for colour and this one turned out better than I could have ever expected.  

Finally, I received a surprise of my own from Sheila this weekend.  She made me the cutest scissors fob attached to which were a gorgeous pair of scissors.  They are lovely – thank you Sheila!  I will put some pics up later, I am waiting for my camera battery to charge so I can take the camera on the road trip today.

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