What a fabulous day Sheila and I had today.  We met up in Newcastle Emlyn, left one car parked up there and drove on to Polstitches.  The drive from Swansea to Newcastle Emlyn was really good, quiet roads, beautiful scenery – in fact it took me just as long to get out of Swansea as it did to drive from Swansea to Newcastle Emlyn.  We arrived at Polstitches at about 12.30pm and eventually left there at about 3pm having literally checked out every inch of the shop.  It was lovely to meet Jo, and she was a lot of help when it came to picking fabrics and threads.  We made a bit of a dent in her stock LOL, although Sheila did a lot more damage than me!!  Here’s what I picked up….

Forest Snowfall

Forest Snowfall – County Cottage Needleworks.  One of the last things I did before leaving home this morning was to read a few blogs, one of which was Rowyn’s, where I was admiring her finished Forest Snowfall.  I had never seen this design before this morning and coincidentally it was one of the first charts I looked at in Polstitches, so I thought it was fate to buy it.


Scherzo – Whispered by the Wind.   These are a recent addition to Polstitches and I had already been tempted when I saw them on the website.  There were a couple more from this designer I liked too, but resisted the temptation.

Bloomers chart and fabric

Bloomers – Ink Circles, plus the fabric I am going to stitch it on which is Polstitches Twinkle Toes.  


Celtic Welcome – Polstitches Designs.  It’s got dragons – say no more!  This is a terrible picture, but you can see a far better one here.  Jo has a stitched model of this in her shop and it is absolutely stunning.  Sparkly dragons and delicte white pearls.  Sheila also bought this chart and we will stitch it together as a SAL.

Polstitches Grab BagPolstitches fabric grab bag.

And finally, probably the purchase which surprised me most today…..

Winter Beauty chart

Winter Beauty Princess – Passione Ricamo.   I’ve seen lots of Passione Ricamo designs on various blogs/forums over the years but until now had never liked one enough to want to stitch it, until today.  Jo had this stitched up in her shop and it was breathtakingly beautiful.  I also bought the fabric to stitch it on (the same as Jo’s model) which is Polstitches Stormy Skies, there’s a better picutre of it below.

Winter Beauty fabric

You can also see there the purple scissors and scissors fob which I also picked up today.

All in all a very good day’s work and well worth the hour long journey to the shop.  Next door to Polstitches is Cross Patch quilting shop where I could have quite easily spent an entire months wages.  I would love to be able to quilt but first I need to learn how to sew a straight line on my sewing machine 🙂  They do hold classes for beginners though, so maybe I will have to get some practice in and jump in the deep end.

One last picture before I collapse into bed for the night – here is the lovely scissors fob and scissors which were a gift from Sheila this weekend.

Scissors fob from Sheila - frontScissors fob from Sheila - back

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10 thoughts on “Stash!

  1. I’m sitting here DROOLING !!!!
    what gorgeous fabrics and charts you bought – I love the dragon Welcome design and will enjoy seeing you and Sheila stitching that ^^ and the Whispered By The Wind has sparked my interest too!
    Love the little scissor fob Sheila stitched for you.
    I so WISH my sister would get back into stitching but will just have to be thankful my daughter is enjoying it.

  2. sounds like a great day Sandra – a fantastic stash haul! We have holidayed near N.E. a couple of times – if we ever come again I will have to pay Jo a

  3. WOW stash heaven!! sounds like a perfect day out.

    Lovely fob gift from Sheila.

    Your framed pieces are gorgeous.

  4. Wow, you are such a lucky girl!! I wish I could go and find a shop like that here….. anywhere nearby! The “winter princess” is my absolute favourite – can’t wait to see the progress on that one!!

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