Quick Cirque update and Giveaway!

A very quick post this evening as I’ve had a really rubbish day at work and need to get away from the computer and put my feet up with Is That All?, my Thursday SAL with Claire.

I’ve only worked on two WIPs this week, both Ink Circles designs, Cirque des Triangles and Cirque des Carreaux.  I’m actually toying with the idea of concentrating on Carreaux to get it finished, apart from my SAL days (currently Saturday, Sunday and Thursday).  I’m probably about a third done at the moment –  I’m still giving it some thought.

Good progress made on both these this week..

14th May 2009

13th May 2009

To cheer myself up I have decided to have a giveaway.  I have a piece of fabric from Dyeing4U (sadly no longer around, they did some fabulous colours), it’s Belfast linen, so 32 count, 13×18,  the colour is Butter Cream and it’s an opalescent so has a beautiful sparkle running through it.  There’s a picture below but the colour doesn’t show well at all, it’s such a dark gloomy day here.  In real life the colour is very pale creamy yellow.  I’ll try and get a better picture of it tomorrow.  Just leave a comment saying you want to take part on this post with your name and email address and I’ll pick a winner on Monday.  Feel free to link to this post in your blogs to spread the word around.



16 thoughts on “Quick Cirque update and Giveaway!

  1. I love your progress on the Ink Circles designs, Sandra! The more I see these, the more I want to stitch them…

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I would love to be entered into the draw for the fabric. Thank you!

  2. Claire falls over her feet to send comment and ask to be entered in your giveaway ^^
    and just to make you feel better, it’s 9.45pm here, have just come home from English classes and am only NOW going to find time to do some Cats Rule – so there’s every likelihood we’ll be even steven this week!

  3. Hi,
    I love the ink circles you are stitching up. They look so beautiful. The dyed fabric on the second one looks great with the colorway. I’m sorry to hear that you had a rubbish day at work…a bubble bath and some tea may help that. 😉
    I’d love to win your sparkly fabric…butter cream…sounds delicious!
    alicia in Hawaii

  4. Versy nice progress picture.
    I hope today isn’t as tough at work as yesterday. I do the same when I come home after a stressful day. First I look at a couple of blogs and get motivated by the stitching I see there – and then I go to my couch and start stitchung. The best stress relief that I know.

  5. Sorry to hear you had a bad day Sandra – hope things are better now. Great stitching -you are coming along well with both IC designs. I got a fair bit done this week – hopefully a pic is in the offing as I have the weekend off and intend to concentrate on some stitching

  6. I would also like to be entered if it is open to overseas girls. I am going to start a scissors fob today – will post to my blog as soon as there is anything to see 🙂

  7. I read your post on Stitchers Heaven Yahoo group. Your work is beautiful.
    I would like to be entered in the drawing for the buttercream colored material.

  8. Your pieces of work are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I saw your post in Stitchers Heaven Yahoo group about the drawing and I would like to be included please.
    That is a very nice thing for you to do.

  9. Have just been admiring your recent updates on Flickr (but don’t have an account there to leave comment so doing it here) . . . just LOVE all those Margaret Sherry designs too ! I have done several of her zodiac cats and the Cattitude ones . . . they are just SO fun to stitch and make such wonderful gifts ^^

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