A thank you and an update

I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment last week wishing me well for the Colonoscopy on Thursday.  The procedure itself wasn’t too bad, but it has taken until today for me to start feeling back to normal.  The diagnosis at the end of it is Crohn’s Colitis, but luckily only moderately active.  I have to wait for an appointment to see the Consultant at the Hospital in the next few weeks to discuss any treatment/management, but as I’ve been symptom free for a while now I think that it wil probably be a case of carrying on with a sensible diet and just waiting to see how things go.  You know the old saying “every cloud has a silver lining” – well the one good thing to come out of the last week is I’ve lost half a stone in weight LOL.  I’m sure it won’t stay off for long as I get back to eating normally but it’s good to see those scales moving in the right direction for a change!

I have been stitching this week, but not really sticking much to my rotation, apart from my SAL days, I’ve just been working on whatever takes my fancy.  It did take ALL of my willpower not to start the new Passione Ricamo chart I bought at Polstitches to cheer myself up a bit,  and if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t made a working copy of the chart yet I don’t think I could have resisted.

21st May 2009

First up, my SAL with Claire – Is That All?  This is coming along well, Claire is still ahead of me though – you can see her progress here.

22nd May23rd May 2009

Next up, Growth Rings and Grand Marquoir SAL.  

23rd May 2009

And finally, Cirque des Triangles.  I got loads done on this yesterday and finished page 4, which is bottom left.  I wish a could get a decent picture of this, it looks so much better in real life.

I have been a bit slack on my blog reading/commenting this week.  I will definitely try and catch up this weekend, a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, but as the weather is fantastic today, blue skies and not even a breeze, I think I shall sit in the garden for a while today and watch Phill working LOL.

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9 thoughts on “A thank you and an update

  1. Good to hear that things went well and that you’ll be able to rest up over the Bank Hol weekend (and get lots more stitching in while Phill works in the garden!)
    Well done on all your progress – the more I see of Growth Rings, the more I like it ^^
    and for our IS THAT ALL? . . . I don’t really think there’s much in it you know. I’ve done some of the black border, but YOU have added some of the lighter colours to face and started on back . . . so we’ll see how we do for next Thursday lol

  2. It’s good to hear that all went well and that you know now what you have. Now the doctors can think about a treatment.
    Your progress pictures are very pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I’m glad all went well at the hospital, at least you can stop worrying and know that you can control it. I think it takes a while to recover from anesthetic, alway’s leaves me feeling dopey for a while.
    You’ve made good progress on you “Is that all” and your Grand marquior is wonderful! i’ve been printing the charts but dont know when i’ll get around to it.

    Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

  4. Hi,,I have just found your blog…so jealous you got to go to polstitches lol.
    Hope your health improves soon..and wow! Such fantastic stitching!

  5. Super progress on all your projects, i’m pleased all went well at the hospital and you now know what you are dealing with.
    Enjoy your weekend, its been lovely and sunny here too.

  6. All your projects are looking good.

    It’s good they could tell you what you have, rather than having the added stress of not knowing. My sister has Chrohn’s Disease, I’m glad yours is only moderately active.

    Enjoy your beautiful weather, ours has been pretty awful this past week.

  7. Hope you are feeling OK now – not a pleasant thing to have to go through but at least with a diagnosis you know what you are dealing with. All your stithcing is coming on great – can’t believe how much you have done on CdeT – i’m off to get mine out right now! I’ve been doing an anniversary sampler for a gift but think I need to get back to CdeT.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend. BTW discovered that my camera is at DH’s work and he is now off for a week so no pics 😦 until he goes to pick it up.

  8. Glad to hear all went well at the hospital and hope you feel much better by now.

    Congrats on the weightloss too. Wow! You have beautiful progress on all your WIP’s.

  9. Testing is awful, but prevention it’s the best for our bodies. Glad to hear you’re better now. “Sensible diets” are easy to follow the first days, the hard part is to keep it going for a long time (speaking from experience), just keep in mind how good it is when you feel well and that’ll be the engine you need to keep it on.

    Your work is amazing! How can you work on three large pieces at once? I find it harder to do monochromatic designs than ones with different colors. My favorite is the SAL you’re doing with Claire.

    BTW Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

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