Moonlight Garden

Not much stitching for me this week (again!),  it’s been extra extra busy in work trying to catch up with the work that wasn’t done when I was off last week.  Also, when I got to work on Tuesday something made me check the firm’s holiday spreadsheet where details of days taken, days left to take etc are stored.  I discovered that the two days I was off work last week for the colonoscopy had been taken away from my holiday entitlement for this year.   I appreciate that my employer is not legally obligated to “give” me those days off however, I have worked for this small firm for 22 years and in fact for the same person within that firm for the last 18 of those years, the same person in fact who is in control of entering information into the holiday spreadsheet.  I have also worked far above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions and without trying to sound big-headed the place (and in particular my boss) would probably run to a standstill if I was not there for a prolonged length of time.   I would guestimate that I have probably worked at least two weeks worth of unpaid overtime so far this year.  To be honest, this made me feel horrible (again) about my employment situation.  I wish I could afford to give up work or at least find another job, but jobs are scarce and at the moment Phill’s business is going through a quiet patch and he may have to lay his apprentice off if things don’t pick up soon so we really do need every penny I can earn, and the only good thing about my job is that I am very well paid.   Anyway, I immediately confronted my boss, who despite being a successful businessman, and a lawyer to boot, hates confrontation and gave him a couple of home truths – I now have my two days back.   Phew, if you’re still reading, thanks for listening and sorry for boring you all with my ranting!

On to prettier things altogether now.  If you have a look at Claire’s blog you will see a little suprise I made for her a little while ago – a mattress pinkeep.  She has named him Quills and has far nicer pictures over there!  The chart is a freebie from The Workbasket.


I stitched a bit more on Growth Rings and I also stitched on Moonlight Garden by Drawn Thread.  

28th May 200928th May 2009

Phill has just left to go to an open mic night, where he plays guitar so I”m going to find a good film to listen to and get some more done on Is That All?

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9 thoughts on “Moonlight Garden

  1. Good for you for having your say with your boss! Makes you feel like only doing the bare minimum work when people behave like that, they must have very short memories, or perhaps it’s jus tthat they are men and don’t think!!! I should finish at 1.30 but never do i always seem to have something last minute to do and never have the time back, although the firm i work for is very good, when i was off for a month in 2007 they were very good about it and they paid me the whole time.
    Your making good progress on your WIP’s, hope you enjoyed your movie night and got lots of stitching done 🙂

  2. I’m glad you got things set straight with your boss! What a cheek, trying to dock your two days from your holidays – surely you’re entitled to SICK LEAVE? and he should have counted those days as such in the first place without you having to confront him.
    Anyway, very glad to hear you got it sorted out.
    WELL DONE on GR and Midnight Garden – the latter is coming along in leaps and bounds! Is Sheila stitching that one too? I’ll have to pop along to her blog later and check ^^

    I have done NO STITCHING whatsoever today, so will be having a quick catch up tomorrow on “Is That All?”.

  3. Having worked wth Sandra and knowing her “Boss” (the capital B could stand for something else !) I really do believe that if she ever left place would soon disintegrate. Something for him to ponder about on one of his many holidays. Just remember as soon as my numbers are up I’ll be down to get you 😉

  4. I’m glad to hear you got things straightened out with your employer. That’s frustrating when things like that happen. I used to have issues witht he leave recording person at my employer. It didn’t help that this person had absolutely no people skills at all.

    Your projects are looking fantastic! When I saw your title Moonlight Guardian, I assumed it was the dragon from Dragon Dreams, LOL but its not!

    Keep stitching!

  5. and ps
    curious about Phill’s guitar playing because my two sons both play “la gratte” (as they affectionately call it in French). What kind of stuff does Phill play? I’m very lucky when boys are home to have the house full of wonderful renditions of Seether, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Pantera, RATM, A Perfect Circle . . . the list is endless ^^

    • Claire, I wished Phill played that type of music LOL, I love the Chilis, Foo Fighters, Killers, Linkin Park etc – he loves country music so he plays Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks etc. Most of it is okay as he likes the more modern country rather than the old style stuff. He also plays pedal steel guitar which is a completely different sound altogether, he only started playing that a couple of years ago so still practices a lot but it sounds good.

  6. It’s good that you confronted your boss with this unpleasant problem. And good to know that you could convince him to give the two days back.
    Your DT piece is coming along great. It looks wonderful. And so does Growth. Great stitching!

  7. Well done for standing up for yourself, a surgical proceedure should allow you some sick time surely.

    Love Moonlight Garden, its so pretty.

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