Making the most of the weather

I haven’t got much in the way of stitching news for you today.  I only have one photo to share, which is an update of Is That All SAL with Claire.    Unfortuantely I am at work, and I have left the memory stick with the photo on it at home, so will have to update this post later on with that.

The reason for the lack of stitching has been the weather.  Summer has at last arrived here in Wales and the weather has been absolutely fantastic since the end of last week.  I have been out in the garden, pottering and relaxing 😉 for most of the weekend.    My washing machine has been on almost non stop all weekend and if it wasn’t nailed down it got washed LOL.  

Phill has been practicing his barbecuing techniques and this evening we have lamb steaks, minted potatoes and mushrooms – I can’t wait!

I’ve hardly switched the computer on all weekend, so haven’t kept up with my blog reading (again) but we really have to make the most of this sunshine while it is here!

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5 thoughts on “Making the most of the weather

  1. Yes we do have to make the most of the sunshine we have now, i just got in form work and i am heading out to sit and read my book for a while, the house is quiet, just me until they all get home.
    With the lighter nights it’s later when i sit down so my stitching will suffer this week too.

    Enjoy your BBQ tonight 🙂

  2. hope you had a yummy barbie ^^
    it was quiches and salad here tonight because it’s too sunny and warm to sit down to proper meals.

  3. I think a lot of ladies have been relaxing in the garden and washing for England this weekend, just in case its the only good weather we have LOL

    Enjoy the BBQ

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