Some stitching at last!

At last I have some stitching pics for you!  I’ve been working on Grand Marquoir and Cirque des Triangles.  Not huge amounts of progress but I have been spending some time this week in my craft room, organising threads/fabric and generally playing with my stash LOL

6th June9th June


I’ve also been trying to get more exercise than usual for the last couple of weeks, as on 19th July myself and my workmates are taking part in the Race for Life, a 5km walk along the seafront at Swansea.  If anyone would like to sponsor me there is a link on the top right of my blog where you can donate directly to the charity.  It’s completely safe to use.  There are 7 of us taking part altogether from our office, all ages from early twenties to early sixties so we will be taking it at a brisk walk, no running involved LOL.     Keep your fingers crossed for fine weather on 19th July as this event takes place along the promenade in Swansea so any wind/rain will definitely hit us full on.

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8 thoughts on “Some stitching at last!

  1. Well done on progress Sandra!
    and keep up the training ! will sign up to sponsor you just as soon as my new visa card arrives in the post

  2. Looks like you may finish both these projects about the same time. Good luck to all at WD doing the sponsored walk – 19th July….hmmm I may come and wait at the finishing line with a big tub of Joe’s – and if you are really lucky there may even be some left 😉

  3. Your making great progress on you WIPS, they are wonderful!

    Good luck with your Race For Life walk, my daughter is doing it too and a couple of the girls from my office so i will be donating to their walks.

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