Is That All?

This is the SAL that Claire and I are working on, but it could also relate to the amount of stitching I’ve done in the last couple of weeks!  Like most stitchers, I always get less done in the summer months, especially when the weather is fine, as there’s just lots of other things around the house/garden that need doing.

I did actually manage to make a little progress on our SAL this week though, and here’s a pic of the fat cat…

11th June 2009

I bought a chart quite a few weeks ago called Ribbon Sampler by Sampler Cove, it’s part of the Rhapsody in Red series.   The series includes the Ribbon Sampler and lots of stitching accessories.


The design is stitched on 40ct Newcastle linen with one thread and is a large design, being just over 17 inches x 17 inches when finished.  I ordered the fabric and threads this week, I have chosen some Hand Dyed Fibers.  Fabric and threads arrived yesterday and they look gorgeous!

Ribbon SamplerThreads

The pics are a bit gloomy as they were taken early this morning when it was still quite dark in the house but the threads are a gorgeous reddy/dark terracotta sort of colour that will look amazing in my lounge.  I’ve made working copies of the chart, enlarged onto A3 size paper LOL.    I really want to start this now but I am being very patient and have decided that this will replace Cirque des Triangles as my Saturday project once I have finished that.

I’m off to get the housework done now as I am working five day weeks for the next three weeks, instead of having Monday off each week, so instead of having a three day weekend to get everything done I’ll have to squeeze it into two.   BUT, I am extremely happy to be working the extra days because the reason behind the overtime is the fact that my boss is going away on holiday – yipppeeeeee!   Also, I get three days more pay this month 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!


8 thoughts on “Is That All?

  1. Well done on the fat cat progess Sandra ! I’m going to sit down in an hour or so and do my catching up on that, so photo will be posted tomorrow ^^
    and WOW to the Ribbon Sampler chart !!!! you must have excellent eye-sight to be wanting to start something like that, stitching over 1 to boot !!! I would never, in my wildest dreams dare to tackle such a challenging project but will enjoy watching your progress on that as soon as Cirque des Triangles is done & dusted.
    Make the most of your 2 day weekend!

  2. Your cat is looking great! I really empathize on not getting much stitching done because the same thing is happening to me. And for some reason when I do have time to stitch, I just want to start something new!

    Are those two different colours of silk for the Red Ribbon Sampler? It’s a gorgeous piece. Do you use a magnifier when stitching on 40ct? I recently did over one on 32ct and it took me longer than I thought. Is this design over one or over two?

  3. Lovely chart Sandra and the thread colours are fantastic. I haven’t stitched a lot wither but am coming to the end of the anniversary sampler so will soon be back up to speed with CdesT

  4. Fat cat looks great.

    Love the new chart, that will be an exciting one to watch grow.

    Enjoy your freedom at work with the boss away

  5. You and Clare are about neck and neck with the fat cat. The Ribbon Sampler looks like hard work – 40 ct over 1 – how tiny is that! I doubt whether I could stitch that even with a magnifier!

  6. Looks very funny, the cat in your progress picture.
    Summer is also for me the time when I stitch less and less and reading seems to take over. I just love to sit in the garden and read. I don’t like to stitch outside.

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