Gift of Stitching

For anyone who loves Ink Circles designs take a look at this months Gift of Stitching online magazine…

Gift of Stitching June 2009

Gift of Stitching June 2009

Here’s a better picture of the design….

The Bramble and the Rose

The Bramble and the Rose

It’s called The Bramble and the Rose.  Isn’t it beautiful?  This one has already been printed out and has been added to my “To Do” drawer,  soon to be renamed “To Do” cupboard 😉

To answer a couple of questions left in the comments on my last post:-

For Claire:-  Ribbon Sampler is stitched over 2 using 1 strand of floss.  I really don’t think my eyes are capable of stitching over 1 at 40 count, in fact I’d probably struggle stitching over 1 on 28 count!

For Christine:  There are two colours in the design, although they look very similar in the photograph.  In real life one is quite a lot darker than the other.  I do have a magnifier/lamp like the one below but find it difficult to use the magnifier for long stretches as it makes me feel dizzy.    This will be my first project on 40 count so if I find myself struggling I will try the magnifier to see if I can get used to it, but I’m hoping that I will be able to stitch as I usually do.


I’m just about to leave work and fight through the enormous traffic jams caused by all the roadworks going on in Swansea at the moment to accomodate the new “bendy bus” they are introducing.  Last night I was stuck in a traffic jam, not moving at all, for nearly half an hour because the bendy bus, which is doing trial runs at the moment,  got stuck turning off  a roundabout and blocked both lanes of the roundabout.  I think I may try a different way home tonight 😉

I will definitely be stitching tonight, on Cirque des Triangles, as I’m quite close to finishing this one (and I can’t wait to start Ribbon Sampler, of course!!)

Have a good evening!

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9 thoughts on “Gift of Stitching

  1. That is a gorgeous design! I am looking forward to seeing it!
    I know what you mean about the 40ct and the lamp! It makes me dizzy too after a while!

  2. You little minx for leading me to the Gift of Stitching! I just bought all the back issues from 2008 :-0
    I can see the printer working overtime, LOL.
    The Bramble and the Rose is a lovely design, i’ll be going back for more soon!
    I don’t think my eyes would cope with 40 count either, i have to use a magnifyer to work on 28 count!

    Hope you managed to home quicker tonight, nothing worse than being stuck in traffic, i’m lucky that i only travel 3 miles to work so it’s fairly quick, good job because i’m not the most patient driver, 🙂

  3. after seeing the Ink Circles chart, I’m seriously considering subscribing to the magazine – am wondering though whether it regularly has the “I must do” type of designs or is it “just another xstitch magazine” which offers charts that we never get around to doing?

  4. just thought I’d let you know, I’ve been tempted (like maggie) by The Gift of Stitching lol and have bought back issues of 2009 and signed up for a 12 month subs !
    am so glad I did because the articles on the history of cross stitch & blackwork are FASCINATING and have ear-marked several designs for my “must do” list !

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