A tail of two kitties

Is that all?

Is that all?

As you can see, my fat cat now has a fat tail.  Check out Claire’s blog for her latest pic of our SAL, (and alsos some great news about a new book from Isa Vautier) .  We seem to be stitching in more or less the same direction on this design and her cat has a tail too!

I haven’t posted a pic of Cirques des Triangles for a while now, but I am really quite close to finishing this one.  A few more evenings should do it I reckon, so look out for a happy dance later this week.

20th June 2009

As much as I want to keep working on this today, I will put it aside for now to carry on working on Grand Marquior.  I have fallen behind a bit in this SAL and as the next part is due out at the end of this month I really need to give myself a kick up the backside and get the current part finished.

Maggie and Claire – I see you’ve been tempted into subscribing to The Gift of Stitching LOL.  I really enjoy this magazine, even if not all of the designs are to my taste it’s so much better than the UK cross stitch magazines you buy in shops with their endless supply of Disney characters and repeat designs which have been printed previously.    If any of you fancy doing a SAL of the Bramble and the Rose leave a comment.

If you liked the Ink Circles design, have a look at this one too (May 2009 issue) – South Seas Lace by Debbie Draper Designs.  There are just too many designs I want to stitch at the moment!

South Seas Lace

South Seas Lace

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  Thank you all for the comments you leave – they are very much appreciated.


12 thoughts on “A tail of two kitties

  1. GREAT progress on both CDT and our little fat kittie, although I see that yours also has a FACE ^^
    I am so glad you posted the article on GIFT OF STITCHING because I have been really enjoying reading the articles and not only do I fancy the Bramble & Rose design but I also bought some back issues, including theMay issue with South Seas Lace so I’d be EAGER at the chance of doing either of those in a SAL !
    So maybe when you’ve finished CDT ?

    • Claire, I’m definitely up for another SAL and when I finish CdesT would be good timing! Shall we do South Seas Lace first as it’s the smaller of the two, and then once we finish that we can do Bramble and the Rose? I have the perfect fabric for SSL already picked out LOL

      • Great idea ! I already have threads in mind for South Seas in my stash (whereas for Bramble would need to order in a load) will look through my fabrics and maybe, just maybe order myself some Jubilee though ^^ and will be ready to start when you complete CDT

  2. Wow, you’ve gotten lots of stitching done, Sandra! Can’t wait to see your happy dance.

    I absolutely love South Seas Lace. I think I’ve decided on the fabric and floss I want to use for it but I haven’t started it yet. I really like the GOS magazine. True, there are some designs that aren’t my taste but for the price, it’s more than worth it!

  3. CdesT looks great Sandra, and I am currently trying to choose colour(s) for Bramble & Rose ready for when I finish my CdesT. I like South Seas Lace too but not sure I can manage another new start..lol

  4. Am loving your CdesT – am very tempted to buy the chart for this, particularly as a local store has 10% off at present.

    Have recently subscribed to GoS, and earmarked the Bramble and Rose and South Seas Lace to do… so if you were going to do a SAL I could be tempted!

    BTW, I found you by doing a google search of the Grand Marquoir, and have been following you for awhile.

  5. Sandra, i would be up for a SAL with Bramble & Rose with you and Claire – i just read through your comments and noticed that youre gonna be doing another SAL before that. Let me know when your ready, i’m in no rush as i will have to get supplies and i’m at the hospital tomorrow for a camera (similar to you but a different orifice,lol) and probably won’t feel up to much. at least i get the rest of the week off work 🙂

    I love seeing your ‘fat cat’ appear! those charts always remind me of one of my cats, Molly, the one called ‘I’m Not Fat, I’m Fluffy’ perfectly describes her LOL.

    • You’re on Maggie! We’re going to stitch South Seas Lace first and then when that’s done move on to The Bramble and The Rose. South Seas Lace is quite a lot smaller than Brambles so hopefully shouldn’t take too long (famous last words!) Good luck tomorrow, put your feet up and make the most of the time off.

  6. Hi!!
    I love “the bramble and the rose”! I’ve just buyed the mag to have the pattern, now I have to choose the fabric and the thread. It’s so difficiult for me!!
    I would be great to join a SAL of this design.
    Let me know if you begin with it.

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