Totally Useless SAL

Last month I completely forgot to post a pic of my collecting jar as part of the Totally Useless SAL, this month I am a little bit late but I least I rememberd eventually!

June 24th

Lots and lots of red in there again, thanks to a slight miscalculation on Grand Marquoir SAL on Sunday 😦

I managed to get another two squares done, so three more left to stitch on this part of the SAL but the next part is almost here, hopefully I will be able to squeeze in enough stitching time before the next part to get me up to date.

June 24th

Sorry for the dark pictures today, I took this VERY early this morning thanks to a hungry Ginger thinking that he had a chance of being fed at 5.30am this morning LOL .  He started off purring quietly, then got a bit louder, then decided to move on to my pillow and purr in my ear and when I kept ignoring him he decided to nibble my nose until I actually got up.   Needless to say he was back in bed, fast asleep with a full stomach by 5.45am – it’s a cat’s life!  I have a feeling I may fall asleep at my desk later on as it is so warm here at the moment it’s making us all sleepy.

I have made a little progress on Cirque des Triangle,  maybe not as much as I had hoped to achieve but with a bit of luck (and a couple of late nights) a happy dance is still achievable by the end of the week.

June 24th

Again, a really terrible picture which looks like it was taken during a total eclipse LOL, I’m not sure what was going with my flash this morning.

I’m itching to finish Cirque because Claire and I are starting another SAL when Cirque is done.  It was a choice between The Bramble and The Rose or South Seas Lace, both from the Gift of Stitching magazine.  South Seas Lace was the winner, mainly as it’s smaller and we can both stitch it using supplies from our stash whereas Bramble takes 12 skeins of thread so will take a little longer to kit up.    Everyone is welcome to join in with our SAL – the more the merrier.


7 thoughts on “Totally Useless SAL

  1. well done on your GM and CdesT . . . looks like you’re going to be having a complete week of late nights if you hope to finish that one this week – to me, it looks like more than a weeks worth of stitching left ^^

    Have sort of decided on colour for SSL . . . as in, I’ve narrowed it down to two different colours. Am going to post an article on my blog and ask for advice on WHICH one I go with as they’re both such lovely colours it’s hard to decide.

    And . . . sorry to hear about nose-biting cat LOL well I’m not really ^^ we have one that does that: Le Bleu just loves to nibble noses and ears !

  2. Both WIP’s are lovely and will look stunning when they are finished 🙂

    I can relate to the cat thing too, although mine usually get fed up waiting at the weekend as i am not up so early.

  3. Both your WIP’s are lovely and are going to look stunning when your finished 🙂

    I too can relate to the cat thing, although mine usually get fed up with waiting at the weekend as i have a lie-in then!

  4. As if I didn’t have enough to work on, am now being tempted to do your SAL! Will have a look at the chart at the weekend and decide, though it is lovely, and I do want to do it eventually, and have found that trying to keep up with the Mary Wigham SAL a real motivator…!

    As for cats – my Gertie doesn’t bite my nose to wake me, she just gives me a light pat, with extended claws on any available skin surface. Never hurts, just sharp, quick little jabs, on arms, and necks and cheeks… until I move!

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