IS That All update

25th June 2009

I am VERY pleased with the progress made on Is That All this week.  All the colourful stitching has now been done and all I’m left with is filling in with white, the black frame and obviously the backstitching.  There’s still a few weeks work left to do, but for once I can’t wait to get to the backstitching to see his little face come to life.    I don’t think Claire has posted her update pic yet….maybe she’s busily stitching away on all the exchanges she has on the go!

Mt thread for South Seas Lace arrived this morning from Vikki Clayton, it’s going to look amazing on the fabric I have chosen for this design which is a piece of Sugar Maple fabric I’ve had in my stash for quite a while called Ocean Spray.  I have taken a picture but the light was too bad and it didn’t really show the colours well, so I will try and get another pic later on in real daylight.

I was hoping to finish Cirque des Triangles today, as I have only the section in the middle left, but unfortunately I have to work this weekend, so will be squeezing in as much as I can this evening and will finish it off next week.  Very disappointed but I’m glad of the extra work at the moment.

Part 4 of Grand Marquoir has been released, you can get all four parts here , (thanks to Claire for the heads up) so after work tomorrow I will be stitching away on the last three squares of part 3.  I really am glad I started this SAL, it’s going to look so good when it’s finished and I am already saving for the framing cost as I would like to use the same frame I used for Lettre’s a Mon Chat (pic below) which was one of the most expensive in the shop – typical really, Phill picked the frame for this one and he always seems to go for the most expensive ones LOL.

Lettres a Mon Chat - Framed 9th May

Okay, I’ve finished my coffee break, so back to work for me, luckily I am working from home so at least I can make the most of the sunshine today and get all my washing done and on the line to dry.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and thank you all for the comments you leave, they are very much appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “IS That All update

  1. That kitty is so adorable, i too cant wait to see him with his features added.

    Have a nice weekend, even though you have to work

    Thanks for the heads up on Marquoir, i’m saving them for now, will do it one day LOL

  2. Your kitty seems to have grown really quickly, he’ll look great when all the detail is added 🙂

    Thanks for letting us know that the next part of GM is out, i’m printing these out to start at a later date, yours will look fantastic in that red frame.

    Have a good weekend, try not to work too hard 😉

  3. You certainly have been busy!
    I just love the way Lettre’s a Mon Chat has been framed!
    I dread the thought of gettin mine framed. I have a suitcase under my bed of projects waiting to be framed.
    Oh well! One of these days!

  4. no photo yet because I’m behind schedule – will post tomorrow (reason of why I’m behind schedule will be posted on blog this evening and it’s NOT other xstitch ^^)

    Very well done on your fat cat – I’m going to have a hard time equalling that !
    And I think the same red frame you had for Lettres will set CdesT off REALLY well !!!

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