Ribbon Sampler

Thank you to all who left comments to my last post.  I am really pleased with the way Cirque des Triangles turned out, and even more pleased that I managed to finish it relatively quickly, considering how many other things I have also been stitching on.

As a little treat to myself last night I started Ribbon Sampler by Sampler Cove Designs while watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon.    This is stitched on 40 count fabric, over two threads, using one strand of floss.  This is the smallest fabric I have stitched on so far and I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I can see me using 40 count a lot more in the future. I’m sure that when I pick something up that is 28 count it’s going to look huge 🙂

29th June 2009

Sorry it’s quite a dark picture, but hopefully the next one will show the colours of the threads better.

29th June 2009 - close up

Finally, my sister Sheila had a bad stitching experience at the weekend – pop over to her blog and share her pain!


7 thoughts on “Ribbon Sampler

  1. it’s looking lovely Sandra!
    and yes . . . I read about Sheila’s mishap :os she’ll need lots of encouragement now to help her unpick and get back on track

  2. I know you wouldn’t be able to resist starting this one! Good progress for one evening – I’ll be down to have a look at all your projects soon. Do you think 40 count over 2 may be easier for me than 25 count over 1 for my HAED Cats?

  3. Great start Sandra! i’m loving the red 🙂
    I’ve never tried anything below 28 count, not sure i would be able to see it, lol

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

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