Almost finished!

I had a lovely surprise yeterday morning, which arrived in the form of a large padded envelope.  I could almost hear Phill thinking “what has she been buying now?” as he handed me the parcel LOL.  I was a bit confused because I’ve been pretty good on the stash buying front lately and couldn’t remember for the life of me what I had ordered.

When I opened the parcel it was a fabulous French stitching magazine from Claire, who had very kindly bought two copies of the mag when she was out shopping so she could send one to me.  I haven’t bought a stitching magazine for so long I can’t even remember, as the UK mags don’t really appeal to me much anymore, but this magazine had loads of small designs which ar perfect for cards and gifts, in particular some really pretty butterfly and dragonfly designs and a sneak peak of one of the charts from Isabelle Vautier’s new book which is coming out in Spetember.  So thank you to Claire, for such a lovely gift, shown below very kindly modelled by Louis

Louis Mag

I haven’t done a huge amount of stitching this week, it’s just been so humid here in the evenings, not the best stitching weather as my hands are far to sticky and sweaty, but I did manage to finish off most of the stitching on Is That All.  I still have a few stitches to add just underneath the green background and then it’s on to the backstitching!

2nd July 2009

Claire has posted a pic of her progress on her blog, I think we’re about even stevens, she has done the stitching I have left to do, but she still has a very small amount of white to fill in, so it really isn’t going to be that long until we’re happy dancing!

I had plans this weekend to catch up on Grand Marquoir SAL.  Last time I stitched on this I was running slow on DMC 815, but I knew that I had ordered quite a few skeins when I first started the SAL and had “put them safe” somewhere in my stash.  I searched and searched yesterday but couldn’t find them, so I will use up what I have left and then this one will have to go away again until I can order some more from Sew and So next week.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.  It’s a little bit cooler here today, with a lovely breeze, much more comfortable!

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5 thoughts on “Almost finished!

  1. oohhh I’m so excited at the thought that there will be simultaneous Happy Dancing going on in Wales and France over the coming week ^^
    Keep searching for your DMC 815 threads Sandra – they’ve got to be around somewhere !!!
    and sorry for making Phill suspicious, thinking you’d been buying more stash LOL.

  2. Enjoy your French magazine 🙂 I bought myself 2 when we went to Paris recently, i made the girls go in every shop / magazine stand until i found some lol, they are much nicer than the English ones, Louis makes a great model, he is just like my Millie 🙂

    Isn’t it just the way, you put something away for safe keeping and the house gobbles it up, lol. glad i’m not th eonly one to do this – hope you find it soon!
    Look forward to seeing your & Claire’s finish, he’s a cutie!

    don’t know about you but i’m glad it’s cooled off a bit, i may even get into bed tonight, this last week i’ve just slept on top!

    Have a good week:-)

  3. Is That All progress is looking great, you’ll finish this one very soon.

    We’re spending all days outdoors, either to the swimming pool or to the beach though it looks like today is very windy so it might cool off the coming days.

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