Is That All Happy Dance (and a new project!)

Is That All

After a VERY late night last night, I’m proud to present “Is That All?” finally completed.

The backstitching was a little fiddly, but to be honest I’m a little out of practice as I have been stitching so many projects recently that do not require any backstitching at all.  I really didn’t want to stop once I had started though, because as soon as this was finished Claire and I are starting our next SAL, which is South Seas Lace.  Roll on next Thursday!   I’m definitely paying for the late night now though, but it was well worth it!

Claire has finished her’s too, pop over to her blog to see her pic, so there’s happy dancing on both sides of the English Channel today!

The new project isn’t anything to do with stitching (for a change!).  Hopefully, on Sunday this little bundle will be joining our pet family.


This is a quick pic taken by my sister Sheila, who works at her local vet’s practice.  She phoned me this morning to tell me that she needed a home.  She emailed me this picture, I emailed it on to Phill, he said yes (after just a little bit of persuading LOL).

We’ll be driving up to meet Sheila halfway between her place and our place to pick her up.  Perfect timing really as I am off work for the whole of next week so will be able to settle her in to her new home.

I am a little behind on my blog reading again – I normally read them during my lunch hour at work, but I have been without my computer for the last two days as it died on Tuesday afternoon.  I have beenn floating around the office using whichever PC was free at the time, so I had very limited internet access for a couple of days.  My PC is now fixed and I’m back “home” at my desk.  It’s surprising how hard it was to work at someone else’s desk, it completely threw me for a loop and everything seemed to take me twice as long for some reason LOL

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11 thoughts on “Is That All Happy Dance (and a new project!)

  1. wonderful to have finished TOGETHER on this one Sandra ^^ although I have to admit, I needed this morning to finish backstitch. And YES it sure was fiddly, but doesn’t the final result look brilliant?

    And ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    to your new kitty !!!! (I’m surprised Sheila wasn’t tempted to adopt her!)
    Have you thought of a name for her yet? and what are all your other cats going to have to say? Bet there will be a few noses out of joint during the first weeks :os
    Look forward to seeing more photos of kitten once she’s officially YOURS and home !

  2. Congratulations on your finish! it’s great you both completed at the same time!

    Your new little kitty looks really cute, what are you going to call her? you are going to get some dirty looks of the others you know that don’t you, lol. when i bought Molly home Millie kept looking at her and then me as if to say ‘whats she doing here’ ! but Millie is so kind it didn’t take her long and she will still let Molly push in to eat out of her bowl, bess her.
    Looking forward to seeing you new start and more photos of your new baby:-)

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Perfect timing, finishing your kitty pic (which is gorgeous) and the arrival of a new furbaby, love those markings, how could you not have her LOL

  4. Well done Sandra and Clare on yet another finish. Little did you know when you finished this cat it would be replaced by a RL kitten 🙂 Have have put a few pics of her on my blog and will write it up later as I am about to go into work.

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