South Seas Lace

I’ve been off work all week on holiday, but unfortunately due to Phill’s business being a bit quiet for the last few months he hasn’t been able to take any time of at all.  The weather has been absolutely terrible, it really hasn’t stopped raining for days so most of the week has been spent at home relaxing and playing with the new kitten.

She’s settled in really well and is already becoming quite a character.  The other cats are slowly beginning to accept her and there’s only been a small amount of hissing so far.  Ginger is taking it the worst,  as he was the baby of the family until she came along, but he is getting better every day.  It’s been quite a few years since we’ve had a kitten in the house and I had forgotten how busy they keep you.  My stitching time this week has been very limited, but I have been able to get a few stitches in when she crashes out!  Here’s some pics of the kitten, who we have named Mia.

On the way home

On the way home

Sheila tried to put her inside the cat basket for the journey to Newcastle Emlyn to meet us, but she really didn’t like it so they drove all the way with her sitting on TOP of the cat basket.  We then drove from Newcastle Emlyn to Swansea with her on top of the basket too.  She was as happy as larry, but it did attract a few strange looks from pedestrians LOL.

Mia's new bed

Mia's new bed

Mia's scratching post

Mia's scratching post

Mia playing chase the ball

Mia playing chase the ball

I’ve been working all week on Grand Marquoir and have nearly finished part 3, I don’t have a picture at the moment, but will post one before I start part 4.   I have also started South Seas Lace, which is a SAL with Claire. This stitched up very quickly and I an see that it won’t take long for us to finish this design.  I’ve really let my rotation slip over the last few months, but during the summer months my stitching time is more erratic so for the time being I’m going to make Grand Marquoir my main project and I will stitch on it until part 4 is finished (apart from Thursdays which is SAL with Claire day).

Here’s my start on South Seas Lace.

South Seas Lace - 16th July 2009

South Seas Lace - 16th July 2009

The colour of the fabric really doesn’t show well in this picture, but it’s so dark here today that I had to use the flash.  Hopefully the colour will come through more in future progress pics.  The fabric is one that I had in my stash from Sugar Maple Fabrics (sadly no longer in business) and is called Ocean Spray.  The thread is Vicki Clayton’s Hand Dyed Fibers and is called Paua Abalone and is absolutely gorgeous.

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5 thoughts on “South Seas Lace

  1. Mia looks GORGEOUS with her little white socks ^^ glad to hear the other cats are getting used to her.
    And WELL DONE on your SSL start – you’ve done a lot more than me ! Will post my photo later today – have to keep eye on clock as I’ve got kids to drive to various places this arvo.

  2. Oh Sandra, Mia is absolutly beautiful! Kittens are such fun to have, they do the funniest things, glad the other kids are taking to her:-)
    The weather is not very nice in the midlands either with more rain tomorrow too. Looks like our summers gone eh? At least you had a rest at home, better than going to work any day.
    You’ve made a good start on SSL, lovely colour.

  3. Mia is adorable!!! Kittens are such fun to watch, better than TV LOL

    Great new start, looking forward to seeing GM too, i’ve saved the parts so far

  4. hey Sandra
    I think I’ve cut my fabric too small !
    How big is your fabric?
    I didn’t think about design being on a DIAGONNAL when I started, and just cut a square 40cm x 40cm thinking that way I’ll have a 10cm border all round . . . but don’t think that leaves me enough if I want to display it diagonnally the way it’s meant to be.
    Oh well – I’m not frogging . . . will have to add cardboard mount if necessary when finished.

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