Grand Marquoir – Part 3

I finally finished part 3 of Grand Marquoir!

Part 3 finished - 17th July

I waited for Mia to fall asleep before I started on part 4, put her in her bed where she was out light a light, went to make a cup of tea and came back into the room less than five minutes later to find this …….

On Grand Marquoir

Obviously a kitten with good taste, will only sleep on the best quality linen LOL.

Have a look over at Jolene’s blog. She’s having a great giveaway, but you’ll have to be quick as entries close tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Race for Life, which starts at 11am and will take place along the promenade in Swansea.  Hopefully it will be a fine day, please keep your fingers (and stitches) crossed for a dry morning for us all!

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6 thoughts on “Grand Marquoir – Part 3

  1. hihi – yes a kitten with excellent taste! Mia’s not stupid and I foresee many afternoons spent with you trying to stitch while Mia sleeps all curled up on your lap (or fabric).
    WELL DONE on finishing part 3 . . .
    and will be thinking of you tomorrow on your RACE FOR LIFE and look forward to news on that, and photos next week!

  2. Bless, little Mia looks so cute curled up there 🙂 Looks like you will have the same problem as me trying to get the cat hairs off the fabric!
    GM is coming along great 🙂

    good luck with Race for Life tomorrow, my eldest daughter did this race a few weeks ago at Sandwell valley Park, it was on one of those really hot days we were having too, i hope the weather holds out for you, i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Take care

  3. Grand Marquoir is looking great, and I’m looking forward to watching South Seas progress.

    Congratulations on your new arrival – Mia is gorgeous, and fitting in well already I can see.

  4. Marquoir is stunning, smells of mum too i guess, thats why she was so relaxed and cuddle up on it, she is sooooo adorable.
    Hope the R4L went well and Mr Sunshine came out to play for you.

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