Race for Life

I posted a couple of pics earlier in the week, but was testing out sending them from my mobile phone straight to my blog, so didn’t put much of a write up with them as it was a bit of an experiment, which seems to work quite well actually!

The weather on Sunday before and during the walk was absolutely awful, we had some torrential rain and it was blowing a gale so the walk along the prom was quite blustery.  In between the showers though the sun came out and it was really quite warm, but we were all soaked to the skin quite a few times.  We finished the 5k walk in 1 hour 15 mins, not a bad time considering the weather and the fact that certain parts of the prom were so flooded that we had to walk in single file quite a lot, which meant quite a slow pace considering how many people were taking part in the walk.  Next year we are all going to train a lot harder and a few of us are hoping to run the 5k.

For Maggie – I am not in the picture (I really don’t like having my photo taken) they are my work colleagues Jan and Rose, but one of my other colleagues took more photos and once she has loaded them into Facebook I will pinch a few and post them here.  I know there is at least one of me in amongst them LOL

I’d like to say a huge thank you to  Claire and the two Sheila’s for your very generous donations.  I managed to raise £80 altogether and between the six of us who walked we hope to get close on £500.

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4 thoughts on “Race for Life

  1. sorry to hear that it was such a blustery day Sandra – but I bet the group experience of walking with hundreds and hundreds of people for the same cause was well worth it!
    and well done on the money raised – every penny counts !
    Will be more than happy to sponsor you again next year ^^

  2. Good for you! For doing the Race For Life. I’m about to start my fundraising efforts for “The Run For the Cure”, same thing, different name. Last year I raised about $600.00 I’m hoping to beat that. I’ll be running the 5K again this year, and hopefully I’ll do better thaan 45minutes

  3. get you being all technical blogging from you phone, lol. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start doing that, i have enough trouble texting, lol
    Sorry you had such rotton weather, no wonder there was no one on the beach:-O It didn’t look that bad from your photos though, but well done to you all raising so much money 🙂

    I don’t like having my photo taken either, we never have many with me in, i’m usually the one taking the photos!

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