South Seas Lace update

Until last night I hadn’t picked ip a needle all week, sharp pointy instruments a long pieces of cotton don’t mix very well with eight week old kittens lol! Last night howeverwas week two of the South Seas Lace SAL with Claire and Vikki so I made sure that Mia was completely played out early on in the evening and once she was crashed out in her bed I started stitching. Luckily she slept for quite a while so I got a reasonable amount done. I’m really enjoying this design and particularly enjoying using Hand Dyed Fibers again, they really are becoming my favourite threads.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend as it’s been very busy in work this week, that will teach me to take a week off lol!

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4 thoughts on “South Seas Lace update

  1. you’re going great guns on this one Sandra ! looks like you’ll have finished page 1 by next week !!!
    will post my update later on today

  2. Oh, this is looking lovely… little miss short attention span here, is stitching all over the place rather than working of Page 1 – am enjoying seeing the different motives emerge!

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