Better late than never

I’m very, very late in posting my South Seas Lace SAL picture this week, I did mean to post before I went to bed on Thursday evening, but unfortunately I fell asleep on the sofa long before bedtime and completely forgot LOL

30th July 2009

The colours in this picture are quite true to live, at least they are on my monitor!    Have a look at Claire and Vikki’s progress.

In other stitching news I’ve been making slow progress on part 4 of Grand Marquoir and am on the third square of this part.  I will take a progress picture when I have finished this block.  I have hardly picked up a needle for days though, mostly due to the Mia the kitten.  She is completely bonkers and is very inquisitive so I can only safely stitch when she’s asleep.  However, whereas she used to crash out for hours at a time, her naps are getting shorter the older she gets so I really am snatching a few stitches here and there.  I really miss stitching though, especially when I look around all your blogs and see such wonderful work.  I think Phill and I are going to have to work out some kind of kitten rota, where I look after her for a certain length of time so he can play his guitar etc and then he can look after her while I stitch for a few hours.

We wouldn’t swap her for the world though, she is quite a character and is very affectionate.  This is how she likes to sleep…….Phill and Mia having a Sunday afternoon snooze!!

Phill and Mia

And even Ginger is beginning to accept her ……

Ginger and Mia


6 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. South Seas Lace is coming along nicely… lovely to see everyone’s versions unfolding. Mia is very, very cute… reminds me a lot of my Gertie in colouring, except Gert is tortoiseshell as well as tabby!

  2. well done on SSL Sandra, looks like you’ve completed page 1 ?
    and great photos of Mia with Phill and Ginger – Mia has definitely made herself at home although, with this heat, I son’t think I’d sleep very well with a cat sprawled all over me lol

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