Early start!

Phill and I both tend to be early risers, especially during the week when we have to get out of the door by 8am for work, but at the weekends too.   However, I wasn’t expecting to be up and about quite as early as this this morning but Mia seems to have a built in alarm clock that goes off at 6.20am on the dot and once that clock starts ringing (or miaowing) you’d be surprised how much noise that tiny kitten can make LOL.

Once the cats were fed and I had my first cuppa of the day made I thought I’d catch up with some blog reading, which I have been doing, but unfortunately for those of you with Blogger blogs I can’t seem to leave comments on any of them, it keeps coming up with an error message.  Fingers crossed they will fix this soon, and I’ve made little notes of the blogs I need to return to later on today.

Not much stitching progress again this week, I have lots of work on at the moment trying to get ready to take the week after next off.  Phill is off too this time and we’re both really looking forward to it.  We’re not going away, maybe a day out here and there, and Phill is already making lists of things to do around the house when we’re off – he always manages to get some DIY in when we have time off LOL.

Here’s my progress on South Seas Lace this week.

6th August 2009

You can see Claire and Vikki’s progress on their blogs – here for Claire and here for Vikki.  Unfortunately Vikki can’t take a picture at the moment, but it sounds like she’s made huge progress this week.

I have to work today unfortunately, but as it’s not even 7am yet I may be able to sneak an hour or so on Grand Marquoir before I start!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Early start!

  1. Not so sure about huge progress, lol! As I started in the middle, not so much to stitch – will slow down a lot as I get to the next two rounds… and probably won’t get a chance to do any this week, as I’m out and about most nights!

  2. South Seas is beautiful (such gorgeous blues)… and the name conjures up visions of tropical islands in the Pacific!

    Sounds like Mia is on her way to household domination. I’m sure our cats think we are their employees sometimes. lol

  3. Sunday morning 6.20 am – up and drinking tea -contemplating stitching – all alien to me!!!!! Hope to see your stitching real life next week plus cuddle Mia of course 🙂 For some reason your pics are not showing full size image on my pc so I have to download them to see them properly – anybody else having this problem?

  4. Love your South Seas Lace the colors and sttiching are great.

    Don’t know what is happening with Blogger I have been able to comment but then I am signed in on blogger.

  5. South Seas is looking super.

    I can so relate to the early meoowing…. its the fish smelling slobber when he drools over my face when i dont get up and he stands on my shoulder to shout in my ear that bothers me more!!!!

  6. Very nice progress!
    I hope you manage to get the week off so that you can enjoy your free time together. DIY activities are certainly the same as stitching – creative, inspiring and destressing.

  7. Your WIP is looking great, and the colour is fantastic!

    Yup my cat has a built in alarm clock. He popps in around 6am (I’m out the door by 7) but if we don’t get up, he’s pretty good at letting us have a lie in.

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