It’s been a while!

Oops, it’s been a while since I last posted, but things have been extra extra busy with work, kittens and bathroom renovations preparation (and shopping!)

I had a lovely week off work, apart from the weather as it more or less poured with rain constantly for the whole week.  I also had a wonderful birthday on 22nd August and received a very unexpected gift from Claire She sent me some lovely threads, buttons and a beautiful paw print keyring, have a look …..

From Claire

Unfortunately I don’t have much to show in the way of stitching.  A few weeks ago I was managing to snatch the odd hour here and there while Mia was sleeping, but she’s now at that stage of kittenhood where she is a complete pain in the *** LOL.  She iscompletely bonkers and tries to climb absolutely everything (and everybody!).  She is scared of no-one and nothing, not even the other cats in the house, and she regularly pounces on Bonnie, Ginger and Loius!    This means that it’s almost impossible to do any stitching at the moment as I just don’t want to risk her pouncing on my fabric or stealing any threads/needles.  What little I have done is pictured below.  Grand Marquoir part 4, just a few squares away from being complete, although part 5 is already out so I really must get a shift on with it.   Also South Seas Lace – I think I may have to cheat a little on this one and do a couple of days extra work on it.  You can see how Claire and Vikki are doing with this SAL on their blogs, looks like their racing ahead!

1st September 2009

27th July 2009

A few weeks ago Loius brought in a tiny field mouse through the cat flap and dropped it in Phills lap, however it was still alive and as soon as he dropped it it shot off his lap and disappeared.  We looked for it for hours but didn’t manage to find it, until yesterday when it walked as bold as brass across the floor in front of Phill.  It’s now about three times the size it was when it arrived, but also three times as fast and try as we might we just couldn’t catch the little bugger.  We’re going to have to get some kind of humane trap for it.  It’s hard to believe that there are four cats living in this house and so far none of them have caught it!  Quite unbelieveably as I was typing this post I could hear squeaking and found Louis chasing another little mouse around the kitchen floor.  Luckily Phill managed to catch that one and released it back outside.  Thing is, it does make us wonder exactly how many live ones he’s brought back when we’ve been at work!  For all we know we could have dozens of them!  Cats – gotta love em LOL

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5 thoughts on “It’s been a while!

  1. Sorry you didn’t have good weather on your time off, still at least you wern’t at work!
    Sounds as though you have your hands full with the extra critters, lol, obviously your cats are not hungry enough to go looking for the mice! Fortunatly my 2 furries don’t bring me presents (molly has bought the odd moth or butterfly, which i have a phobia for!!!) but in the past we have had cats that have left headless mice on the doorstep eek!! not the best thing to see first thing in the morning!
    SSL & GM are coming along lovely, i’m sure you’ll catch up real soon.
    Have a good week and i hope you find the extra lodgers soon 🙂

  2. Kittens sure can be hard work. I remember when our first two were kittens they created havoc – ripping wallpaper off walls, pulling curtains down, destroying toilet rolls etc… LOL.

    I once caught a mouse by leaving a biscuit in a box. I came home from work and there it was in the box having a nibble! Very humane 🙂

    Your WIPS are looking lovely!

  3. Don’t you just love kittens! Fortunately Lottie doesn’t venture outside much but my friend at work was telling me that the other day her kitten brought her a mouse and left it on her bed at 3 in the morning!
    Your stitching is coming on great but it’s hard to find the time sometimes isn’t it. I am definitely going to be getting back to CdesT this week – hope to get it finished soon!

  4. Well done on progress Sandra ! you’re a few stitches ahead of me of GM (I’ve almost completed the square with grapes) so we’re both behind schedule on that ^^ As for SSL – looks like you’re half way there !!!
    And if you need a mouser, I’ll box up Gandalf and send him over ^^ and he can teach Mia the tricks of the trade (since your other cats are obviously too well-fed to bother with mice LOL).

  5. EEEKKKK a mouse …. we had a live vole here once, took forever to catch it, ended up throwing the wicker waster paper basket over it and it worked.

    GM looks stunning, i am still resisting starting it LOL

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