News Flash!

I have actually done some stitching!

Even though I have managed the odd hour here and there since the arrival of Mia the kitten, there have been periods of days, even weeks, where I haven’t managed to get a stitch into fabric.  The longer I didn’t stitch, the less I felt like stitching for some reason.  So this weekend I decided that now that Mia is growing up and is giving me a little more time to myself the best way to overcome my stitching slump is to have a new start LOL.

I had bought The Travelling Stitcher by LHN months ago, and it came with all the Crescent Colours threads needed, so I decided to make a start to see if it brought back my stitching mojo.  The good news is it worked!    I stitched the needle keep part of the design over the weekend.

I will put the rest of the design in with the many many other things I have on the go at the moment and will work on it as part of my new rotation which I am in the process of finalising.

Another thing that helped me out of the slump even more was another visit to Polstitches.  I didn’t really need to buy anything this time, but my sister Sheila wanted to get some fabric for some designs she has in mind and to pick out some colours for The Bramble and The Rose (in readiness for when we eventually stitch it).  Of course I did end up picking up a couple of things – Sampler Cove’s Rhapsody in Red part 2 (towards the bottom of the page in this link)   and LHN’s Sunflower Inn (the first design on the page in this link – click it to make it bigger for a much better picture).    I also bought something else which I can’t show you at the moment as it is a little gift for someone.

Inspired by all the lovely models Jo has on display I came home and immediately picked up Rhapsody in Red Ribbon Sampler and have worked on that for the last couple of evenings.

While we were at Polstitches Sheila picked up the fabric needed for Celtic Welcome, and we decided to start this as a SAL yesterday evening!    I am stitching the English version which says “Welcome”, Sheila is stitching the Welsh version which says “Croeso” as her partner is a welsh speaker and she lives in a part of Wales where Welsh is spoken far more frequently than where I live.  Unfortunately Mia was not very stitcher friendly yesterday evening so I didn’t get as much stitching time in as I would have liked, but did make a start eventually.

I tried to take some pictures this morning but it’s very gloomy here and they weren’t very good at all, so I’ll have another try when I get home from work this evening.


3 thoughts on “News Flash!

  1. great to hear about your trip to Polstitches with Sheila and more buys even if you didn’t NEED anything ^^
    I think we all have a stitching slump from time to time and yes, the best way to find renewed motivation is to pick up the needle again (or to go buying lol)
    Look forward to seeing some photos of new found inspiration and, of course, of Mia who must be growing really fast.

  2. Nice new goodies, i always find a new start kick starts me back into action. My travelling stitcher is all finished, i just need some motivation to make it up LOL

  3. Isn’t it great when you feel that your stitching mojo is coming back? Every now and then I’m also in a stitching slump but in most cases it helps to go through my patterns and to pull out some that I’ve always wanted to stitch – et voilà I’m back, lol.

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