In my last post I promised some pictures, but it took me a couple of days to find the memory card from my camera – thanks to Phill for “borrowing” it and not putting it back LOL

First a couple of catch up photos on a couple of WIPs.  South Seas Lace is a SAL with Claire and Vikki, but lately it’s been a bit more of a Non SAL for me.  At the moment I’m just about halfway through the design.

South Seas Lace - 21st September 2009

Sampler Cove’s Ribbon Sampler is next, I managed to get a few hours stitching in on this recently, but it is stitched on 40 count fabric so the progress isn’t very obvious!

Ribbon Sampler - 21st September

Next up, a couple of new starts.  Firstly, Travelling Stitcher by Little House Needleworks.   I have finished the needlekeep part of the design and yesterday started on the main part.

21st September - NeedlesSeptember 21st

Lastly, another SAL, this time with my sister Sheila – Celtic Welcome by Polstitches Designs.  There will be a slight difference in our finishes, Sheila is stitching the Welsh version so hers will say Croeso instead of Welcome.   We thought it would be interesting if we each started with a different dragon, so she is starting on the red dragon and I am starting on the white dragon.  She has posted her first pic on her blog and it looks great so far, unfortunately I had trouble taking a good photo as the light coloured stitching doesn’t show up too well on the fabric.

21st September 2009

And finally, one last photo – a very rare photo LOL.  Last week there were signs that Mia was calming down a little, unfortunately she was just teasing and since then she has been absolutely crazy.  She is teething and is biting anything and everything at the moment.  At the weekends, if the weather is dry, she gets to go outside while we potter around in the garden – our back garden is totally enclosed so she can’t get out, but she has had a couple of scary moments when she climbed up a conifer tree and couldn’t work out how to get down LOL.  Her kitty instincts soon kicked in though and now she runs up and down the trees with no problem at all.  The best part of her getting some exercise comes later on in the day when we sit down to relax……

20th September

She stayed in this position for over an hour, and would probably have stayed there a lot longer, but Phill had to get up and move around LOL


4 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Glad you are managing to get some stitching done – you’ve done loads. I think the white dragon will show up better as it grows. It must be a relief that Mia has worked out how to get back DOWN the tree, she will be bring you PRESENTS soon!! Christmas will be fun – remind me how big your tree is? lol

  2. Lovely progress pics,my Travelling Stitcher still needs to be made up, its such a lovely bright design to stitch.

    Mia is so adorble, my DH thiks a cat napping on your knee is a good excuse for then to catch a cat nap too!! LOL

  3. great to see some progress photos Sandra ^^ will be following your dragon SAL with interest and hope you & Sheila spur each other on.
    lovely photo of Mia – she certainly looks relaxed LOL.

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