Silver lining

I’ve been unwell the last couple of days as my Crohn’s disease has flared up and I’ve been feeling completely miserable and sorry for myself.  As much as I don’t like taking time off work sick I stayed home yesterday and will stay home again today, just to make sure I’m 100% before I go back.  Working in a very small office with only one loo shared amongst everyone really isn’t good when you’ve got Crohn’s lol.

However, the silver lining to this dark cloud is that I spent most of yesterday stitching and intend on doing much the same today!   I worked on Travelling Stitcher and Growth Rings yesterday….

23rd September

23rd September

As it’s Wednesday today I think I’ll do a little more on Celtic Welcome, but may also squeeze an hour or two on Growth Rings again as I really enjoyed stitching on this yesterday.

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10 thoughts on “Silver lining

  1. always best to look for the silver lining indeed! well done on your progress these past few days, and hope you’re back at work soon (a more round about way of saying I hope you’re feeling better ^^)

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Its hard not to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, I get that way when I have a bad streak of migrinaes.

    Your stitching is beautiful. Glad to hear you enjoyed the taste of the Tragically Hip you found. I’ve been listening to them since I was a teen and still really enjoy them!

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