Last night Celtic Welcome SAL night.  You can see Sheila’s progress from last week on her blog here.  She’s given her red dragon a name, Cedric, so I thought it only right that my white dragon should have a name too.  I have decided to call him Gwyn (which is also the welsh word for white).   In the last picture I took of Gwyn it was quite difficult to make out the light coloured stitching on the light fabric, so this week I decided to backstitch what I had done so far.


I did also manage to get quite a bit of his body stitched too.

Tonight should be SAL night on South Seas Lace with Claire and Vikki, but tonight all the “girls” from work are going to the cinema and for a bite to eat straight from work so I won’t be home early enough to stitch.  I think I may have to cheat a little and work on SSL on Friday instead 😉

Thanks to those who have left comments to be put into the drawer for the Travelling Stitcher giveaway.  I have’t been able to receive emails at home for a couple of days, but can still see comments through my blog anyway so have made notes of everyone who has entered so far.  Please feel free to spread the word about the giveaway, the more the merrier!

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