And the winner is ……..!

I’m sorry, I’m a day late with the result of the Travelling Stitcher chart/threads giveaway but as you can see from the photograph below things are a bit topsy turvy around here this week.  We’ve been collecting bits and pieces over the last few months to re-do our bathroom.  We have a tiny bathroom so wanted to take out the bathtub and replace it with a shower cubicle, which will give us a lot more room.  But, who would think such a tiny room would make so much mess LOL!  Phill is working very hard trying to at least get the shower installed as this is the only bathroom we have and I’m having to go to my mum’s house on the way to work each morning to have a shower, which is a bit of a pain!  I’m sure it’s going to look great when it’s finished.


So back to the giveaway – there were a total of nineteen names going in to the hat, including those who were concerned they might be too late to be entered.    I asked Phill to pick out the name for me and the winner is ……………………………………..

Teresa S

Congratulations Teresa, if you could please email me at with your name and address I will get the chart/threads out in the post to you asap.

Thank you to everyone who entered and especially those who left their blog addresses in the comment, I now have quite a few more blogs to add to my reader!

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4 thoughts on “And the winner is ……..!

  1. Congratulations to Teresa!

    Good luck with the bathroom reno – you’re courageous to undertake something of that size without having a second shower in-house!

  2. Congratulations to Teresa and again thank you for the chance at the giveaway. I hope your bathroom reno is done soon so you aren’t without one for too much longer!

  3. all I can think of when I see yet MORE work for Phill is ” when you run out of things for him to do, send him over to me” ^^
    seriously though, when are you going to give the chap a rest? LOL.

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