Finishing touches

Tonight we’ve spent the evening putting the final finishing touches to our new bathroom.  Phill decided that he didn’t want to wait until the carpet fitter could fit us in (I don’t think he really wanted the job as it was probably too small and not well enough paying for him) so he decided to do it himself.  I have to admit that I was very nervous, because it’s such an awkward little room with lots of “ins and outs”.  But every credit to him, he’s done a great job and we think it looks just amazing.  I’d just hoovered when this pic was taken so the colours look a bit patchy, it’s just the hoover marks.  The true colour, at least on my monitor, is the area in front of the loo.


I also bought some new towels at Next on the way home to tie in the red and black theme.


So, no stitching for me this evening, it’s just gone 10pm and we haven’t even eaten dinner yet LOL.  Stay tuned tomorrow though for a progress pic on Grand Marquoir.

Finally, I have joined a SAL for the coming year of Little House Needleworks ornaments, organised by Vonna.  The pic below is the first ornament in the series, to go to the SAL blog which Vonna has started click here.

I’m getting the charts auto shipped by Down Sunshine Lane, so hopefully by this time next year I will have 12 ornaments to hang on my christmas tree.


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5 thoughts on “Finishing touches

  1. Well done to Phil, looks like he found a hidden talent!

    I have joined the ornament SAL too, sounds like fun! only hope i can keep up, lol
    My LNS is getting the charts in and hopefully i won’t have to wait too long for them.

  2. Brilliant job Phill, well done.

    I am trying to resist that SAL but i keep seeing it on other blogs!

    SSL looks wonderful in your last post

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