Resisting temptation….

….or at least trying my best to!

It’s becoming quite dangerous to browse the internet during my lunch hour lately.  First I spotted the LHN Ornament SAL which Vonna has organised, I just couldn’t resist that one and signed up straight away.

Today I’ve seen the most amazing chart, which immediately made me want to drop everything and start stitching it.

Carol Singers

It’s from Victoria Sampler and is called Carol Singers Sampler, and I think it’s completely gorgeous.  You can see more information here.  I have already sent a link to Phill and have asked him to buy it for me for Christmas, I will order the thread packs as a little Christmas present to myself LOL.  The plan is to start this over the Christmas holiday (when I have 12 full days off work – yippee!!) and hopefully get it finished in time to hang on the wall next Christmas.

Stitching wise this week I’ve been stitching up a storm on Grand Marquoir.  I think I’ll have part 5 finished by the weekend and will definitely have the last part finished by the end of the month.  Here’s an extremely wrinkly progress pic for you..

5th November 2009

Tonight is Bonfire night here in the UK, probably my least favourite night of the year.  I really don’t like fireworks, all our cats are already completely scared out of their wits and are following us around like stalkers!  Our neighbours always have huge displays of fireworks and if previous years are anything to go by they will have two or three firework parties, tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.  It must cost them an absolute fortune!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments.  They really are very appreciated!

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6 thoughts on “Resisting temptation….

  1. GM looks fabulous, nice new start for the festive season too.

    My cats are hiding behind the sofa and i’m sure the bangs get louder each year, i agree it will be a 3 day long bonfire weekend and no fun for pet owners

  2. Wow that VS sampler is gorgeous – If I ever finish Heirloom Christmas I will stitch that to go with it! GM looks amazing too! I’m with you on the fireworks – luckily Lottie doesn’t seem too bothered though when there is a big bang she looks at me as though it is my fault! I’m glad she is a indoor cat though.

  3. that VS sampler would have me running scared ^^ looks like Hardanger at the bottom isn’t it? wouldn’t have a clue how to tackle that!
    well done on your GM – you’re way ahead of me there ^^
    and hope the fireworks don’t go on too late – here no rockets going off as fireworks are reserved for 14th July bien sûr lol

  4. I WANT to do the VS sample to as it will match the first one she did but a lot of money for the threads I wish they could be a little cheaper!! ok A LOT LOL

  5. Your marquoir is coming along great.
    The VS sampler is so beautiful and has always been a big temptation for me as well. But I won’t buy it as I have soooooo many wonderful charts in my stash as I saw lately when going through my stash again. I have to do this from time to time as it keeps me from buying new stash, lol.

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