Fifty one down, three to go!

Sorry about the terrible picture, it was taken with my phone and it’s really dark in here today.

My progress on Grand Marquoir…..

Just three squares left!  Phill is out this evening so I know I can get a good few hours stitching in tonight and with the weekend fast approaching I’m feeling very confident of a November finish for this design!

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6 thoughts on “Fifty one down, three to go!

  1. ooooo an impending happy dance, its going to be so beautiful

    My charts all printed and fabric ready for a 2010 project, not sure what colour to choose though!

  2. you’ve been working so well on this one and I do hope you get to do your November happy jig at the end of the month !!! I’m a full “part” behind you, but am hoping to have completed part 5 by the end of November, leaving myself December to do part six ^^

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