Grand Marquoir – Finished!

I put the final stitches in to Grand Marquoir yesterday evening, but waited until today to take a photograph, hoping that it would be a nice, bright day.  Unfortunately it’s a dark, gloomy, very wet day here in South Wales so I did the best I could and spread GM on my lounge floor and stood on a chair to take the photos.

Unfortunately the photos don’t show the beautiful colour of the red too well.

I’ve been working on this since January this year.  On the one hand I’m relieved to have finished it, on the other hand I was sorry to put the final stitches in it.  I am so pleased that I managed to get it finished this year, even though I did fall behind with the SAL a couple of times 😉

Whilst blog browsing the other day I came across another SAL which you can see here .  You can see parts 1 and 2 if you click Mon Marquoir at the top of the column on the right hand side of the page this link takes you to.   I really do like the parts that have been released so far, but the rest of the squares are a mystery at the moment so I will wait and see what the first few look like before deciding whether to take the plunge.

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17 thoughts on “Grand Marquoir – Finished!

  1. WELL DONE Sandra !!!
    This sampler is one big project, and will look gorgeous once you have it framed and hanging on the wall, as a reminder of all the stitching you did in 2009.

  2. Well, I’ve given up on mine… struggling to get South Seas Lace finished, lol! Though I did come to this very late, 3 parts were released before I stumbled across it.

    That said, I’ve got a 6 week holiday starting in 15 days, and the plan is to do some sort of ‘stitching’ whether its cross stitch, embroidery or quilting/ applique every one of those 43 days, if I can manage it!

    It looks absolutely lovely… congratulations

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  4. Sandra,

    Brilliant finish on your GM, I too love the red !!! I am a new reader to your blog, and I have to tell you that I really love your writing style ! Also all the photo’s you share, especially of the cats 😉 ! I have 5 of my own, so you could say I am a bit of a cat lover. I was getting quite a “kick” out of reading about your adventures with Mia & stitching…..I know just what you mean.
    I do have a question for you…would you be willing to either sell ( not sure if this is legal, or not) or trade, your “Lettres a mon chat” pattern…..I can’t find a place to buy it anywhere !! I fell in love with it, thanks to your gorgeous finish and frame job :). Please let me know if you might feel comfortable doing this….my contact info is: I can let you know what I have for trade if your interested.

    Thanks again for sharing your stitching/life with us….I am really enjoying your blog 🙂

    Beth Ann from Michigan (the mitten state) in the US.

  5. WOW!!!!! Major, huge congratulations! That is stunning. I know what you mean about being glad to finish a big project but sorry to see it end, too. I hope you are able to spring right back into another project.

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