Christmas stitching

At last I have some pictures to show you 😉

A couple of weeks ago my Mum asked if I would have time to make her friend Julie a Christmas card.  I don’t usually stitch cards, but made an exception this time.  Julie and her dog Benny talk walks every day with my Mum and her dog Honey.  The dogs are just as good friends as Mum and Julie.  Earlier this year they were walking Honey and Benny(on their leads) when two Bull Mastiff dogs (who were off their leads) suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked them.  Honey, who is a medium sized dog, brindle in colour, didn’t attract their attention, but Benny, who is a bouncy fluffy Bichon, must have caught their eye because they went straight for him, grabbed him by his neck and very nearly killed him.  If it hadn’t have been for a taxi driver who was driving past, stopped his car and managed to force the Mastiffs to let go (how he did that we’ll never know because they each probably weigh more than he did) Benny would have been ripped to shreds.  Julie was hit to the floor (she is 81 years old and unsteady on her feet at the best of times) and luckily didn’t see much of the attack, but my Mum saw it all and was the one who picked Benny up, phoned my Dad and took him to the vet.  Thankfully Benny has made a full recovery, although he is still scarred and a little nervous.    The two Mastiffs are still around the area, the Police were involved but they haven’t taken any action against the owners because the dogs didn’t attack a human – it’s absolutely disgraceful!

Sorry, back on subject, I used a Prairie Schooler design from their Starry Night leaflet.

The picture isn’t that good but in real life it looks lovely, and very sparkly.

Next is LHN’s Fa La La ornament.  This is the first of a series of 12 ornaments, released monthly.  Again, a rubbish photo, the eyes of the lady in red are not sitting quite right in this picture but look okay in real life.

Finally, one of my work colleagues has taken up stitching this year.  She wanted to make something for her baby niece,  so together we came up with a cute bear themed alphabet and she stitched her nieces name for her bedroom.  She enjoyed stitching it so much that as soon as she had finished, she was off on her second project, a Christmas mouse from one of my old magazines.  As a Christmas gift I bought her a very pretty scissors from Polstitches (mainly to stop her from “borrowing” mine during our lunch hours LOL) and stitched a small fob for it.  I stitched her initials (RM) on 40 count fabric using one thread of Vikki Clayton’s Hand Dyed Fibers in a fabulous green colour.

Here’s a close up of the beaded edge

That’s all my Christmas stitching out of the way, not much of it I know, but next year I plan on making a few ornaments here and there throughout the year to hang on my tree.

Thanks for visiting, I do appreciate the comments you leave!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas stitching

  1. Lovely stitching Sandra and your story about the dogs is shocking – it must have been a dreadful experience for your Mum and her friend. Lets hope the dogs don’t attack other pets in this way.

  2. wow! you’ve been doing some beautiful scret stitching Sandra !! that scissor fob is simply gorgeous with the beaded edges and I’m so glad to hear you’ve converted a new cross stitcher!
    My stomach was churning as I read about the horrendous attack on Benny – so glad to hear he has made a full recovery but expect he’ll be wary of other dogs for the rest of his life ! That experience is not something he’s going to forget!

  3. Sorry to hear over the incident with the dog, glad sombody came out to help and now Benny has recovered well.
    That’s a beautiful scissor fob made for your colleague. Love the LHN finish and looking forward to see your progress with the coming series.

  4. Your stitching looks so lovely. Your colleague must have been so pleased with her new scissors and fob.
    I have always been scared of big dogs that run around unleashed. What a shok for your mother and her friend.

  5. A beautiful gift for a new stitcher, she’ll love it.
    The PS is wonderful, as is the LHN
    The dog story is awful, so glad the lady wasnt hurt and the dog has recovered

    Merry Christmas

  6. Sandra the dog story is just horrible, glad he recovered though.

    Your stitching is lovely 🙂 My Fa La La arrived last week and i have made a start but with this and that the last week haven’t been able to fit much stitching time in, maybe this afternoon i’ll be able to get some ‘sofa time’.

    Have a great week!

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