Four empty bowls……….

……..four hungry cats!!

As most of you who have cats know, they are completely ruled by their tummies.  This is a sight that often meets us if we walk into the kitchen.  It starts with some pleading looks…

Then continues with some cat dancing….

And finally………

Left to right – Louis, Mia, Ginger, Bonnie.  (The strange patch of fur on Mia’s left hand back leg is where her fur is growing back after she was spayed in November)


7 thoughts on “Four empty bowls……….

  1. Love the pics! And I totally agree that they are ruled by their tummies. Mine starts moving her bowls (food and water) around when they are on empty or pretty close to it. Your black cat is beautiful! Kinda reminds me of my Emerald, although Em was a bit fluffier with long hair.

  2. Sandra they are adorable. We only have 2 now, but when we had 4 my son used to call them ‘4 in a row’ just like the childrens game! I can almost hear them purrrrrrr LOL

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