New Year – New Start

Even though I have many WIP’s and UFO’s tucked away I love to start the new year with a new project.  This year I am going to start Victoria Sampler’s Carol Singers Sampler, which I was lucky enough to receive from Phill for Christmas.    I have been waiting for ages for my fabric to arrive, even though it was shipped from the US on 7th December, and thank goodness it came in this morning’s post.  I ordered from one of my favourite shops Wasatch Needle Craft, and have always received great service from Karen.  I will cut the fabric to the correct size later on and get everything ready to start it tomorrow.

Until then I will be working on Celtic Welcome.  Sheila and I were stitching this as a SAL every Wednesday but I have fallen quite behind.  Here’s both our progress pics.

Sheila’s dragon (Cedric) is on the left, my dragon (Gwyn) is on the right.  As you can see I have a way to go to catch up!  We’ve changed our SAL plans on this design slightly, and hope to have it finished by St David’s Day (1st March).

It’s hard to believe that this is my last post of 2009, the year seems to have flown by.  I’d like to thank you all for visiting my blog, for leaving such lovely comments and for showing me all of your lovely stitching in your own blogs.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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9 thoughts on “New Year – New Start

  1. Hi
    Loved your blog and all your stitching, it is lovely and your finishes are amazing, so neat and I loved the bead edging, Clever you.
    I was born and grew up round the corner from you in Porthcawl, I am living in Coventry for the moment but where ever I am I love to stitch. How can I get that Grand Marquoir Sampler I love it. I have just finished Beatrix Potter sampler sal which took all year so I need another big project.
    Chris x

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