Thank you Claire!

I had a wonderful surprise this morning, which was a Christmas gift from Claire.  Her parcel was actually showing as being delivered on 21st December according to the Royal Mail website but it hadn’t actually arrived with me.  Numerous frustrating phone calls to the Royal Mail customer service line followed and even though I spent a total of 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone over the last week or so I have never managed to speak to a human even once.  This morning I drove to the main sorting office and eventually they managed to locate the package.  According to their records they tried to deliver it on the 21st December and they left one of their cards to tell me to collect it from the PO.  Of course, they didn’t actually leave a card at all!  Another example of bad service by the Royal Mail.

BUT, everything turned out well in the end and I am now the very proud owner of Les Coeurs d’Isa a fabulous book of 70 heart shaped charts from Isa Vautier, one of my favourite French designers.

I am delighted with this lovely gift as I have had this book on my wishlist since it was released last year, and I am even more delighted that it includes a chart called L’automne which is absolutely beautiful and which I had seen stitched up on Brigitte’s blog .  I am going to kit this up and take it to work to stitch during my lunch hour.

Lots of places in the UK had a white Christmas this year, not in our area unfortunately, but at least we had a white New Year!  Here’s Mia enjoying her first snowfall, silly cat actually liked it out there and we had a heck of a job trying to get her back in 🙂

I have made a start on my Carol Singers Sampler, but I will have to save the details for another post as the battery on my camera has died so I couldn’t take any pictures.

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8 thoughts on “Thank you Claire!

  1. A beautiful gift, Sandra.
    I think not only at your place who has problems with the post as until now a couple of gifts i sent to the U.S isn’t received yet while it was third week of November.

  2. What a super gift, how relieved you must have been and Claire too that Royal Mail hadn’t lost it.

    Looking forward to seeing your new start.

    LOL at Mia, Mr Moe loves the snow and stays out most of the time jumping in and out and trying to lick flakes as they fall.

    Happy New Year to you and Phil and the furry friends too

  3. now I’ll be able to tempt you with mini SALs throughout the year ^^
    and loved the photo of Mia and her first snow – although make sure you keep the snow ‘cos we don’t want any here until next Sunday at the earliest because I don’t want anymore nightmares with Eurostar ^^

  4. I’m glad you were able to track your gift down in the end, and a lovely one it is too 🙂

    You got a bit more snow than we did, we only got a dusting. I love the photo of Mia experiencing her first snow, arn’t they funny, Millie used to love the snow, now she will only go out in the cold for a little while, neither of them have moved very far from the front of the fire since we’ve had this cold spell..think i’m gonna come back as a cat, lol

    Happy new year stitching 🙂

  5. That’s wonderful that you managed to get your package. Over here in the States, if you ship parcel post, then you take a chance. I am still waiting, almost a month later, for my Christmas present from my mom, brother and niece (all in one box). Since she didn’t use priority or certified, the post office can not look for it. So, there it sits, in some PO, in all of it’s loneliness, waiting to arrive at it’s destination.

    What a wonderful gift you received!!!

    I love the picture of your kitty in the snow. My niece has a pure white cat and when he’s in the snow he is rather difficult to see. One year I took pictures of him making snowballs while the stuff was still coming out of the sky. All you could see in the pictures were these little bunches of snow being moved around!

  6. Good to hear that you could finally get hold of your package. This book must be so great. I have it on my wish list as I love Isabelle’s designs in general and her hearts in particular. I still have some of these hearts as single charts here.

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