Back to reality

Having last worked on 23rd December tomorrow is the day I return to work.  I am absolutely dreading it.  When I have a few days off I realise how much I dislike my job and how unhappy it makes me.  Maybe one of my resolutions this year should be do so something about that 😉

I’ve certainly made the most of my final day off to get lots of stitching done.  Here’s my progress so far on Carol Singers Sampler.

The chart is split into 22 rows, some involving just one row of speciality stitches, others involving quite a lot of cross stitch/speciality stitches.  Row 1 is Santa/reindeers and the houses.  I still have to attach the beads to the tree in the middle, but I think I will leave the beading until last.  I’ve started row 2, which is the white stitching underneath, but had to stop as my eyes were getting slightly blurry lol.

One other photo I’ve got for you is my Totally Useless SAL final photo of the year.  I must admit I was a little slack in posting updates throughout last year but I will try and do better this year.

As you can see from the background I’ve been sorting out my DMC over the last week or so, I used to have a complete set, plus a lot of extras, but I’ve borrowed colours here and there and not put them back so I decided to put them all in order, and replace any missing colours.    I found a great seller on Ebay who sells them far cheaper than anywhere else I have found, and they sell in batches of 10, 20, 50 etc.  I ended up getting 50 skeins, the missing colours I needed, plus a few extra black, white, 3865 (which seems to be a very popular colour).   I still have a few skeins to wind on to bobbins to complete my set but it’s good to know that if I fancy stitching something small I’ve got everything I need to start.  I store my DMC in a tool box from B&Q and it holds a complete set with room to spare!


12 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. Sandra your Christmas sampler looks great already!

    Back to work for me too tomorrow(sigh) i’m so not looking forward to getting up early, isn’t it awful going back after such a long break? I’m lucky that i only work until 1.30pm but some days i have nothing to do but answer the phone and i sit there thinking i could be at home stitching,lol.

  2. What an incredible looking sampler! I am looking forward to seeing the finish!!!

    I hear ya about being on a long break from work and then going back realising you don’t really want to. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my previous employer made the decision for me, in July 2008! I have been gainfully UNemployed since then thanks to the wonderful Florida economy. LOL…I do work part time on an as needed basis at a local florist and am still a student, so I have that at least. My goal is to be gainfully EMployed before the end of the year. I hope you are able to resolve your work conflict and find something you enjoy!!

  3. Great start on Carol Singers Sampler! It’s amazing how much detail can be packed into such a small space, isn’t it? I look forward to watching your progress on this piece.

    I hear you on going back to work tomorrow. How many days until the next vacation???

  4. I love the Santa, and his reindeer and sleigh. The whole piece so far is gorgeous!

    I am back to work tomorrow and not looking forward to it either. The good thing about this time of year though is that we have lots of public holidays coming up, so that helps with the back to work blahs.

  5. Sandra, what a wonderful sampler this is. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on it.
    I hope today is not much too bad for you. Ansd hopefully you’ll find a satisfying job solution during this year.

  6. wow that’s a lovely SAL you’re working on ! look forward to seeing the updates.
    you are SO organised with your threads – mine are all in various plastic bags and I usually need to hunt through at least three stashes when I’m looking for a particular thread ^^ Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to do something about that LOL ?

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