New Year Card

I had a lovely surprise in the post from Claire – one of her beautiful New Year cards.  Here’s a picture of the cards she made, the one she sent to me is the bottom left in pink/green.  I borrowed the photo from Claire’s blog as hers is far better than the one I took, it’s so gloomy here this evening I just can’t get anything to look good.

I haven’t got a lot to show stitching wise unfortunately.  On Friday morning I was stretching to reach something from a shelf in the kitchen, a sneeze appeared from absolutely nowhere and I felt something “go” in my back.  I’m not sure what I did but for a few minutes it was absolute agony, I almost fainted, felt like I was going to throw up and got so hot that I had to take my blouse of and stand with the back door open to cool off!  It’s been a bit sore all weekend and whilst I’ve been okay sitting at my desk messing around on my computer I haven’t been able to get very comfortable to stitch.

I did manage to get a couple more rows of Carol Singers stitched though and it’s looking great, if I do say so myself LOL.  As with the last rows, I still have to add the beads.

Instead of stitching I’ve spent the weekend setting up my new computer.  After years and years of being a Windows user both at home and at work I have decided to make the switch over to a Mac.  Thanks to a very welcome tax refund from the Inland Revenue I was able to collect my new iMac on Friday and I have to say that I’m only sorry I never made the switch earlier.    It’s so quick, easy to use and after just a couple of days I have it set up exactly the way I like it and I’ve had no problems in converting over to the new Operating System.  I’ve even managed to network mine and Phill’s computers so we can see each other’s files.  I still have lots to keep me busy, as I am going through the thousands of pictures I have stored on my external hard drive to make sure they are properly labelled and to delete the really bad ones.


8 thoughts on “New Year Card

  1. I’ve done the same thing with sneezing and throwing out my back! I was driving when it happened and I made it a few more blocks before I had to pull over and ask DH to drive. What a strange thing.

    Lovely progress on your Carol Singers! Have fun with your new Mac. I got mine 2 years ago and I love it!

  2. I was never big on Mac until a job I had in Michigan. That’s all they use in that office and I fell in love with them! I have been wanting a Mac G5 for a long time now, but unable to make the big purchase due to lack of funds (no job). I will eventually though!

    Love the card!

  3. well done on your Carol Singers – it’s coming along in leaps and bounds !
    hope your back is okay – sign of old age, that ^^ but make sure you take it easy and don’t do any lifting or carrying anything heavy (that’s what Phill is there for).
    and GOSH doesn’t your computer desk look neat !!! you should see mine lol

  4. How’s the back doing? I did something silly with my neck on Friday, putting mouse in my hair and it went POP! Lots of pain right away, then sore and stiff for days, my Chiropractor got me sorted out on Monday.

    Still loving that WIP!

  5. Lovely stitching! That’s a beautiful card, too. Congrats on the new Mac. I’ve contemplated getting one but we have three Windows computers and I’ve never actually seen a Mac in person! Isn’t that crazy?! LOL Enjoy it!

  6. Those cards look so great. Whata nice idea to stitch and send out these New Year wishes.
    I love yxour Carol Singers. They are just lovely and must be fun to stitch.

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