Louis Update & Ebay

Thank you all for the comments about poor old Louis.  The good news is he’s feeling much better, even though his tail is still a bit crooked, and is back to prowling the neighbourhood like a fat old tom cat should LOL.

I don’t think I will get any stitching done today as I have already spent most of the day listing items for sale on Ebay and now my eyes are completely worn out!  I may be able to pick up a needle later on, but as I was planning on stitching on Carol Singers I will have to make sure that I’m not too tired, I really don’t want to be unpicking speciality stitches!

If I really can’t face stitching today I will finish winding some DMC onto bobbins to complete my full set (a job I’ve been putting off since Christmas)

I’ve listed loads of hand dyed fabrics and charts on Ebay – if you’d like a look click here

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4 thoughts on “Louis Update & Ebay

  1. Hi Sandra
    Omgosh what goodies you’re selling I have bid for three charts so keeping my fingers crossed!

    I am sure your cats tail will look like new in no time, my little Tansy came home with a chunk missing and it healed so quickly. Sadly years later she was over that pet rainbow and I missed her so much I drove around all the country lanes near me in case there was one of those notices saying… Kittens for sale.. I got Kizzie who was the best cat I ever ever had. She had such a sweet nature. She too went over that rainbow and now I have this scraggy raggy dog called Nell. When she jumps on you on the bed its like being hit by a truck! Oooooe I love her!
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

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