First finish of 2010 and thank you to Beth!

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I arrived home today.  Before Christmas I received a lovely comment on my blog from Beth in Michigan enquiring about the Isa Vautier chart Lettres a Mon Chat.  As I have already stitched this one I offered to send the chart to Beth, better for another stitcher to enjoy this lovely chart than see it gathering dust in my cupboard LOL.  Well completely out of the blue today I received a parcel full of goodies from Beth!

You can see that Beth is another cat lover LOL.  There is a lovely Michigan ornament which is so pretty, a cute magnetic picture frame with a little cat on, a calendar from ASPCA with some gorgeous cats and dogs and even a donkey LOL which is very useful as I’ve been looking for a calendar to put on the wall in front of my desk at work,  a really pretty chart from Val’s Stuff called Feline Seasons and last but not least a book called Homers Odyssey which is the story of a cat who was found as a stray aged 2 weeks with a severe eye infection and had to have his eyes removed to save his life, the book is the story of his life and I’ve already read a chapter and was nearly in tears!!  Just my kind of book!  Have a look here on Amazon to find out more, there’s even a video of the author and Homer for you to watch!

Finally, I have my first finish of 2010, which is Pear Tree, the second ornament in the LHN All Dolled Up series.  Even though this is just a small design this design has given me nightmares.  For some reason I just couldn’t get it right!  I stitched the pears, unpicked the pears, stitched them again, unpicked them again, stitched them AGAIN, couldn’t face unpicking them again so just turned my fabric upside down and started afresh LOL.  I’ve done more frogging on this design that I have done for YEARS!   To be honest I couldn’t wait to see the back of it but of course now it’s finished I really do like it LOL

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15 thoughts on “First finish of 2010 and thank you to Beth!

  1. Looks like you’ve made a new stitching friend in Michigan ^^. You ought to start a group for cat ladies all over the world !
    Lovely finish on your pears – can’t wait to see it mounted as ornament !
    and I’m now off to amazon to check out Homer’s Odyssey which sounds like my kind of book.

  2. Lovely finish on Pear Tree. And the ornament of MI is very cute (my hometown is near Lansing, MI although I currently live in Florida).

    Cats are the best little creatures in the world.

  3. I had a giggle about your Pear Tree! What lovely gifts from Beth – just off to order Homer’s Odyssey I can’t wait to read it. Almost came home with a kitten today!!!! Great idea of Claire’s to create a blog just for posting on our “cat” stitching. It would be a very popular blog – what about it???

  4. Sounds like you had the same problems with Pear Tree that i had with Fa-La-La!! Glad you stuck with it though it looks fantastic 🙂 I haven’t checked with my LNS if they have had this next chart in yet.

    Great goodies from Beth, i haven’t read Homers Odyssey but i have read ‘Dewey, the small town library cat’which was a real tear jerker too!

  5. I’ve just ordered “Homer’s Odyssey” AND “Dewey the small town library cat” after reading up about them on amazon ^^
    maybe we ought to have a RAL (read-a-long) too?

  6. Pears is a lovely project, why is it the smallest project sometimes gives us the most trouble!

    Lovely parcel you received, stitchers are such generous people

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