I’ve been stitching away on Celtic Welcome all week, to try and make sure to beat the March 1st deadline that Sheila and I have set ourselves.  I have to admit that as much as I love this design I am finding it quite hard going at times, especially after a particularly hard day at work.  There are lots of colour changes, quarter stitches and, of course, backstitching, something that I have managed to avoid quite well for the last year or so by mainly stitching monochrome charts.  I think I’ve become a little lazy LOL.

However, I will not let the dragons beat me, and will be getting my dancing shoes on before March 1st for sure!

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10 thoughts on “Dragons!

  1. wow some fabulous close-up shots of your white dragon there (sorry, forgotten his name) you are really coming along well with this and it’s going to look GREAT when finished !!!

  2. the dragons are lookg good Sandra 🙂 i don’t envy you all that back stitching though, lol
    I think that’s one of the reasons i gave cross stitching for a while (or left things un finished!!)i always dreading the back stitching. I’m sure you’ll make your march finish though.

  3. Looks great Sandra – but I know what you mean about back stitch and fractionals. I am really into easy stitching at the moment – think I am getting lazy too!!

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