New starts.

I really wanted to stitch one of the hearts from the Isa Vautier book that I received from Claire for Christmas, so I decided to kit one up and take it into work so that on those days where the weather is too bad to go out at lunchtime I would have something to do other than spend even more time starting at a computer screen.  As we’ve been having such bad weather here lately I don’t think it should take long to finish LOL.

The heart I have chosen is called L’Automne and here is last weeks progress.  I plan on bringing it home every weekend to take an update pic.

Talking of new starts, I am looking forward to starting a Bramble and the Rose SAL with Sheila, Claire and other stitchers on March 1st.  If you feel like joining us pop along to the Ink Circles Stitchers blog for a look.  There’s been quite a lot of interest already!

I’ve chosen my threads and have decided to use a Threadworx colour called Deep Blue Sea.  I’m still waiting for my threads to arrive, but I did find in my stash a skein of the Needle Necessities equivalent, and also Sheila picked up a skein at Nimble Thimble last week so I should have plenty of extra thread, just in case LOL.  I’ll be using white fabric, either Belfast or Cashel linen.

I’m not sure what’s going wrong with my photos today, but the most lifelike colour is the bottom left photograph, a very very deep blue.  I am still thinking about whether to pick out certain aspects of the chart (the Roses) in a dark raspberry colour to give it a little bit of interest, but will probably decide that once the stitching has begun.

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9 thoughts on “New starts.

  1. That’s such a pretty blue! I’ve seen a few versions of The Bramble and the Rose done in more than one colour and they work really well. I think that the dark raspberry idea is a good one.

  2. Nice shade of blue, thats going to look really nice, i like the idea of the roses being rose coloured, will enjoy watching this one develop.

  3. I have to say, I love the way you’re displaying your photos on each article ! is it a special feature on wordpress that I’ve missed, or is this your new artistic streak for 2010 ?
    Really pleased to see you’re stitching an IV heart – you’ll soon be totally addicted and will be looking for excuses to stitch up others ^^
    And I love your blue for B&R – you’ve still got plenty of time to decide whether to use a second colour but it WOULD look really effective

  4. Your pics are looking good 😉 I like the cat needle keeper. I’ve stitched on both fabrics with my B & R colour choices and will post pics in next few days. I’m still undecided but wll have to get a move on as I will have to order the threads in time for 1st March but I agree that a different colour for the rose would be more interesting and a bit more challenging.

  5. Lovely colour and looks as though its going to be a great start .. just to add I am delighted with my ebay goodies and love the Just Nan chart and the floss with it, and my two batches of fabric.
    I missed the Lavender in a Pot but just by chance some one else was selling it and I was able to get it!
    So lots to stitch.. I haven’t started my Grand Marquoir yet but Julie has it as well so we might start together after March 1st, I have got such a lot on the go at the moment, so things have to take their turn!
    Got some even weave fabric as well, my stash has increased so best get stitching it all
    Thank you for your prompt posting, can’t wait to start the Just Nan!
    Happy stitching
    Chris x

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